Continuous Delivery environments, pipeline, and flow.
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Continuous Delivery Pipeline

This document was written to work with my Git Continuous Integration Workflow, but can be tweaked to fit other flows as needed.


Git Branch Definitions

master - Represents production ready code which should always be deployable.

integration - Used for testing and preventing conflicts when integrating multiple feature/hotfix branches.

Deployment Environments


  • Environment where QA testing occurs (via manual and automated techniques).
  • Continuous Delivery tool auto builds off HEAD of the integration branch.
    • If desired, builds can also be made off any commit via manual trigger.


  • Environment where prerelease and performance testing occurs. This environment mirrors PROD in regards to hardware and configurations.
  • Continuous Delivery tool auto builds off HEAD of the master branch.


  • Environment where the public-facing application lives. The production/live server.
  • Continuous Delivery tool builds off latest tag of the master branch (manual trigger required).


  • Environment where experimental logic can be tested.
  • Continuous Delivery tool can build off any commit (manual trigger required).

Development Flow

In this example, we assume Jira is used for project management and GitLab is used for Continuous Delivery. Detailed testing practices (i.e. unit testing, load testing) are excluded from this document.


Example Where Tests Pass

  1. Developer creates/is assigned a ticket via Jira.
  2. Developer checks out new local branch from master to work from (e.g. feat/cors-support).
  3. Developer completes relevant work, merges branch to integration and pushes changes to the remote server.
  4. GitLab auto builds off the HEAD of integration and deploys to TEST.
  5. Developer assigns ticket to QA team via Jira.
  6. QA team reviews changes on TEST.
  7. QA team sets ticket status to "done" in Jira.
  8. Developer merges local branch to master, deletes the no longer needed local branch and pushes changes to the remote server.
  9. GitLab auto builds off the HEAD of master and deploys to STAG.
  10. Repeat steps 1–9 for all needed features/hotfixes.
  11. Once next release is scheduled, developer creates a release commit (along with an annotated tag) on master and pushes to the remote server.
  12. GitLab auto builds off the HEAD of master and deploys to STAG.
  13. QA team does a final prerelease review on STAG.
  14. QA team green lights release.
  15. Application is deployed to PROD via manual trigger off the latest tag in GitLab.

Additional Resources