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A script to rename MP3 files to match the artist and title info from their ID3 tags.
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ID3 To Filename

Automatically rename MP3 files to match the artist and title info from their ID3 tags.


If installing via the CURL command below, you can use the id3filename command instead of executing the file directly with sh


This script was created for those who like to manage their own music files without the help of iTunes.

When used to purchase and convert MP3s, iTunes names a music file as <track> - <title> and does not include the artist name. Since I don't rely on iTunes to manage my music, I find it offputting that there is no way to include the artists name (and remove the track number). This script fixes the issue by renaming MP3 files to <artist> - <title>. It reads data from the files ID3 tag so that its name matches how most music players display the song info.

How iTunes saves an MP3:

01 Get On The Good Foot.mp3

How this script renames the same MP3:

James Brown - Get On The Good Foot.mp3


id3filename [<file> | <directory>]

This script can be used on an MP3 file for single execution or on an entire directory. When used on a directory, only MP3 files will be effected.



This installs the script to your $HOME directory.

mkdir -p ~/.id3-to-filename && \
curl -Lko ~/.id3-to-filename/ && \
curl -Lko ~/.id3-to-filename/ && \
echo 'alias id3filename="sh ~/.id3-to-filename/"' >> ~/.profile && \
source ~/.profile && \
echo Done!

Via zip file

  • Download the zip file.
  • Unzip it.
  • Run the bash file


  • Add support for unicode characters.


Copyright (c) 2018 Leandro Silva (

Released under the MIT License.

See for entire terms.

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