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As we are just starting this project, we need to discuss some topics up front. This is not as glamorous as the jschan code, but it is just as important.

I've been building open source communities for a long time, and I was absolutely astounded at how completely the book "Producing OSS" mapped onto how I see the problem space.

@pelger @mcollina - all of us should read the getting started chapter before the next meeting, so we can discuss how we want to manage/grow our project.


+1 weekend reading!


If you are ok with that, I'll add a file similar to levelup's, like I did for jschan:


I don't know if i'm sure about that yet, mostly because we haven't confirmed conclusively what the scope/shape of the project is. I'll also need to spend some time looking at how the leveldb community is structured.

once we have the basic vision down, we can consider this again.


I'm closing this for now. we seem to have found our groove for now.

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