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Home Automation

Personal project by Graham Blanshard. Code is free to use, no warranty, guarantee etc. etc. etc.

Code is written to function on a Raspberry Pi using standard features. Schematics, pictures and the like will probably be published alongside the code when its ready. Feel free to ask questions if anything is documented poorly, this is primarily a personal repository for anyone to use as they see fit.

Current Code:


RaspberryPi #1 : GaragePi - Car Door Automation, Man Door Security

  • Camera operates when Man door is open
  • Garage door control
  • Garage & Man door statuses logged to sqlite database
  • Can retrieve door statuses


  • Garage Door Control
  • Garage Door Status Retreival

Planned features:


RaspberryPi #2 (Sump Pi) - Sump Pump Features

  • Water level reading
  • High level alarm & notification