(Stochastic) Partial differential equation integrator. Next version of the XMDS package used in quantum optics and Bose-Einstein condensate research.
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Latest commit 70b0701 Apr 11, 2015 grahamdennis Make the debug mode not use optimise flags when halt_non_finite is used.
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admin Named filters can now be placed in the <simulation> element if you wa… Dec 13, 2014
bin Fixing binaries for the name switch to XMDS2 Aug 3, 2010
debian Debian package now includes man pages. Dec 6, 2012
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COPYING Change licensing terms from BSD to GPLv2 Feb 4, 2012
COPYRIGHT Version number changes for 2.1.3 release. Jun 7, 2013
Makefile Updating release instructions Dec 12, 2011
README Update README to point at the XMDS website. Nov 22, 2012
ReleaseNotes Missed commiting some files that needed to updated for release 2.2.0 Jan 10, 2014
run_tests.py Tests will now be skipped if a required python package is missing. Jan 9, 2014


Welcome to XMDS2 (codename: xpdeint), a software package that allows the fast and easy solution of sets of ordinary, partial and stochastic differential equations, using a variety of efficient numerical algorithms.

If you have any questions, please email xmds-user@lists.sourceforge.net

The best place to begin your journey is with the documentation on our website: http://www.xmds.org 
It will explain the program and the installation instructions. 

Swim free, little fishy!