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Update libraries.rst (Fixed outdated link) #17

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The link to AuthKit led to a page that talked about the benefits of a portable sink, so I changed it to a Wayback archive of the page.


A better link could be the hg repo, which is still there:

And since the description there notes it's a beta and the history notes it has not been touched in 2.5 years it should probably be moved to the "deprecated" section. The book of the Pylons project (to which AuthKit seems related according to its history, ben bangerts was one of the contributors) notes:

AuthKit, an older library, is no longer maintained.

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Why not simply link to PyPi entry, even if the link off that to is wrong.


Yes, ought work better than directly linking to the hg repo as it also provides contact information.


Why not both, since the PyPI page doesn't have documentation?


Both, as in the pypy page and the wayback page?


Closing this, I changed the link to the pypi page as suggested by graham, and moved AuthKit to the "deprecated" section

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@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
Middleware and libraries for WSGI
-`AuthKit <>`_
- AuthKit is an authentication and authorization toolkit for WSGI
+`AuthKit <>`_
+ AuthKit was an authentication and authorization toolkit for WSGI
applications and frameworks.
The authentication middleware part is essentially an extension of
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