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Tree data structure supporting functional manipulation. Works closely with FSet.
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Functional Trees

A system that allows walking and rewriting of parts of trees in a functional manner, along with translation of references to internal nodes that can be carried from one tree to its successors.

Implemented in a manner that is compatible with and depends upon FSet.

Design and Usage

Sub-classing the node class

In most cases it is likely that one would subclass the node class provided by this package. Any subclass of node can specify which of its slots might hold subtrees by defining a child-slots slot which should be initialized to hold the names of these fields and should be allocated on the class itself. See the following example.

(defclass if-then-else-node (node)
  ((child-slots :initform '((then . 1) else) :allocation :class)
   (then :reader then :type node)
   (else :reader else :type '(list node)))
  (:documentation "An if-then-else subtree of a program AST."))

Each child slot should hold children nodes. Child slots may hold a single node or multiple nodes. It is possible to specify the arity of a child slot using the child-slots class-level field. This changes the behavior of relevant generic functions. E.g., the then slot in if-then-else-node above holds a single node child while the else slot may hold a list of any number of children.

In addition to customizing the functional-tree generic functions to traverse your tree appropriately, defining child-slots will cause the generic children function to be defined to return all children of a newly defined node subclass--this is done by hooking the MOP sub-class finalization process for sub-classes of node.


  • Eliminate hard-coded children.
  • Address all FIXMEs
  • Address all #+broken
  • Find should return the subtree.
  • Define replacements for cl:subst and friends.
  • Integrate with FSet.
  • Define a map-tree function.
  • Replace update-tree with map-tree
  • Ensure tests provide good coverage.
  • Integrate with GMap.
  • Automatically define convert methods for subclasses of node.
  • Consider hooking into the class definition mechanisms with the MOP to define copy-based setf setters for all fields on any child of a node.
  • Eliminate 'data' as default key in trees.
  • Make default equality test in tree methods be EQL, as on sequences.
  • Add :START, :END for tree methods, where these are paths not integers.
  • Back pointer to previous tree versions should be weak, if that is supported.
  • Define copying setf expanders for non-class-allocated slots of node subclasses.
  • Make trie maps switch to hash tables if the branching is too large (efficiency.)
  • Enhance path transform compression so paths that differ only in the final index are compressed into "range" paths.
  • Splice should report error on nodes of fixed arity.
  • Make path transform algorithm more efficient with very long child lists.
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