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The Grammatical Framework (=GF) is a grammar formalism based on type theory.
It consists of
* a special-purpose programming language
* a compiler of the language
* a generic grammar processor
The compiler reads GF grammars from user-provided files, and the
generic grammar processor performs various tasks with the grammars:
* generation
* parsing
* translation
* type checking
* computation
* paraphrasing
* random generation
* syntax editing
GF particularly addresses four aspects of grammars:
* multilinguality (parallel grammars for different languages)
* semantics (semantic conditions of well-formedness, semantic
properties of expressions)
* grammar engineering (modularity, abstractions, libraries)
* embeddability in programs written in other languages (C,C++,
Haskell, Java, JavaScript)
COMPILATION and INSTALLATION of source distribution:
See download/index.html for installation instructions.
(More details can be found in doc/gf-developers.html.)
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