CakePHP webpack plugin. Collect all js/scss files and compile them with webpack
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Webpack plugin for CakePHP

Collect all .js, .scss (you can configure extensions) files and collect them in json file. Webpack consumes json from this from this file and compile it, minifiy it....


  • PHP >= 5.6
  • CakePHP >= 3.2.9
  • Webpack >= 2 (you can use webpack 1 but you must configure it on your own).


You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer.

The recommended way to install composer packages is:

composer require grandfelix/cakephp-webpack

Load plugin

Plugin::load('GrandFelix/Webpack', ['bootstrap' => true, 'routes' => false]);

For now, copy webpack.config.default.js and webpack.packages.json from Webpack plugin to your main App folder (not ./src) and rename it to webpack.config.js and packages.json. If you already have packages.json file than add webpack dependencies to it...

To install webpack go to app root folder and run next command:

With yarn (better, faster option)


With npm

npm install

Install webpack globaly! yarn global add webpack or npm -g install webpack


In each of your plugin conf folder (where you want to use it) create webpack.config.php with next config:

return [
  'js' => [ // this is alias key!
    'aliasPath' => 'webroot/js' // relative to plugin or main app path
    'resources' => [ // all paths here are relative to aliasPath
      '/', // this will take all files from aliasPath
    'useMainJs' => true, // you can specify own filename
    'useMainCss' => true // you can specify own filename
  'styles' => [ // alias key
    'aliasPath' => 'webroot/styles' // relative to plugin or main app path
    'resources' => [ // all paths here are relative to aliasPath
      'path/to/somefile.scc', // you can also use js... webpack will compile js files and scss files and move them where they should be after compilation
      '/', // this will take all files from aliasPath

You can add as many options as you want.

Run next shell command:

./bin/cake webpack reload

This command will create webpack.config.json in app root dir so webpack caa use it!

In root of app run next command (if you installed it globaly, which is prefered!)

webpack --watch

In your view files use HtmlHelper to include generated files as you need

Alias key

Alias key at compile time

Is used to name file for compilation. In this ^^ example webpack will for js resource create concatenated file in main app webroot, like: APP/webroot/js/plugin-name-js.js and for styles will create APP/webroot/css/plugin-name-styles.scss

Alias key for importing/requiring files

Alias key can also be used for importing/requring files. Alias for importing is like pluginNameAliasKey so you can use in js like

import something from 'pluginNameAliasKey/path_to/some_file'

instead of using full paths which is painful. Paths are relative to aliasPath from resource config.

Alias key as starting point file when using mainJs or mainCss

useMainJs and useMainCss option is used to specify which file is starting point for one section in config. If it's true than will be named in webroot as pluginname-aliiaskey-main.js and pluginname-aliiaskey-style-main.css. If you specify your custom name then this cusotm name will be used. File will be removed from resources array and added as own entry point. So in this file you can initialize reactjs app etc.


  • Add Component and Helper to automatically load generated files for plugin