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Build status Release License: GPL v2


GrandOrgue is a sample based pipe organ simulator.

It currently supports Linux, Windows and macOS. Porting to other OS supported by RtMidi, RtAudio and wxWidgets should be possible with some build system adjustments.

Home page and resources

GrandOrgue is hosted on Github. The repository can be found at

GrandOrgue was earlier hosted on SourceForge and a copy of the old source code before migration can be found in the svn branch

Development of GrandOrgue is continuous, see for full history of changes.

The discussion forum is available at

For bug reports and feature requests post issues at

Contributors are welcome on Github. You may create pull requests at But before creating a complex pull request it's usually better to first create an issue for discussing it.


See for the downloading and installation prebuilt GrandOrgue packages.

Building from sources

See for instructions on how to build GrandOrgue from the source code.

External libraries