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# Unix
alias tlf="tail -f"
alias ln='ln -v'
alias mkdir='mkdir -p'
alias ...='../..'
alias l='ls'
alias ll='ls -al'
alias lh='ls -Alh'
alias -g G='| grep'
alias -g M='| less'
alias -g L='| wc -l'
alias -g ONE="| awk '{ print \$1}'"
alias e="$EDITOR"
alias v="$VISUAL"
# git
alias gci="git pull --rebase && rake && git push"
# Bundler
alias b="bundle"
# Tests and Specs
alias t="ruby -I test"
# Rails
alias migrate="rake db:migrate db:rollback && rake db:migrate"
alias m="migrate"
alias rk="rake"
alias s="rspec"
# Include custom aliases
[[ -f ~/.aliases.local ]] && source ~/.aliases.local
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