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Pre-built binaries

How to Install from GrangerHub's Release Page

You can install the latest released binaries from GrangerHub's release page, following these steps:

  • The 64 bit Windows release would be named
  • The 64 bit Linux release would be named
  • The 64 bit Mac OS X release would be named
  • Unzip the release .zip anywhere
  • Run the tremulous.exe from the unzipped release directory.
  • When you run the tremulous.exe binary for the first time, it may go through a bootstrap (download needed assets, generate an RSA key) process which may take a few minutes.
  • You can simply continue to run the new client from wherever the unzipped release folder is, or you could optionally replace your old Tremulous binaries with the binaries in the unzipped release directory, but make sure that you copy all of the contents of the unzipped release directory to where ever you move the released binaries to. Backup your existing Tremulous if you intend on replacing the binaries.

Building from Source


If you want to build against system libraries, the following packages are necessary:


  • GCC/G++ (version 6+ is recommend)
  • CMake (Optional)
  • CURL (for downloading assets)
  • rsync (for asset management)
  • Zip (the tool not the library)
  • Libgl1-mesa
  • LibSDL2
  • LibCURL4
  • LibOpenAL
  • Libfreetype6
  • Lua 5.2

On Ubuntu Yakkety (specifically) you can install all the packages necessary with the following:

apt install -y cmake libgl1-mesa-dev libsdl2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libopenal-dev libfreetype6-dev mingw-w64 g++-mingw-w64 g++-multilib git zip vim-nox curl rsync

Mingw32 (win32 cross compile)

Mingw32 requires USE_INTERNAL_LIBS=1

  • Mingw-w64
  • g++-mingw-w64

Currently there is no native Windows build setup, all builds are cross compiled on Linux.



How to Install from the Source Code

For Linux and Mac OS X builds, follow these steps.

git clone
cd tremulous
# cd build/release-darwin-x86_64/
# cd build/release-linux-x86_64/

How to build for Win64

Windows binaries can be built on non-Unix environments using a Docker container. Click here to learn more about Docker.

Note that on Windows, you have to clone this Git repository with Unix line endings because the build system is still in Unix environment:

git clone -c core.eol=lf ...

(WARNING: Be careful to not commit back library files from this clone since their line-endings may change)

To build the Tremulous binaries do:

docker run -t -i -e PLATFORM=mingw32 -v $(pwd):/usr/src grangerhub/tremulous13:latest ./misc/

On Windows, make sure in the Docker Desktop settings that the drive you have the source code is selected under "Shared Drives". Then replace $(pwd) with the actual folder where the source resides (e.g. "C:\Users\...\tremulous").

To run:

cd build/release-mingw32-x86_64/

(use backslashes \ if you are using Command Prompt).

Troubleshooting issues with running on Windows

  • If you cannot select the high-resolution display modes inside the game, check Windows Compatibility Settings under the Properties menu when you right-click the Tremulous executable. Select "Change high DPI settings" and check the "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by: Application".
  • If your FPS is low, make sure you are running the game when plugged into power (as opposed to laptop battery).

Where do I get the assets?

The Tremulous client binary by default will attempt to retrieve the assets automatically (Known as the Pk3 bootstrap). However, sometimes this does not work as expected.

If you need to download the assets yourself; they are available here:

Or you can checkout the entire repository:

git clone

Copy the contents of the assets folder as a new base/ folder in the release location.

About Lua

This branch integrates Lua into the Tremulous runtime. This is a base branch for additional Lua api development to branch from.

About Transform

This code allows customizing human player models with arbitray quake3 thirdparty md3-%.pk3's.

This adds the admin command /transform [name|slot#] [modelname] <skin> which is an admin abusive command to force player model chanes.

This also includes voice menus branch

Console Cvars

  • New Cvar scr_useShader enable/disable use of the console shader vs color controls below.
  • (0, 1) default 1 (enabled)
  • New Cvar scr_height control console height.
  • 100: (e.g., 100%) Default
  • New Cvar scr_colorRed console background red amount.
  • (0.0f - 1.0f) default 0.0f
  • New Cvar scr_colorGreen console background green amount.
  • (0.0f - 1.0f) default 0.0f
  • New Cvar scr_colorBlue console background blue amount.
  • (0.0f - 1.0f) default 0.0f
  • New Cvar scr_colorAlpha console transparency.
  • (0.0f - 1.0f) default 0.8f


In loving memory of *<{dGr8LookinSparky, who was a great community builder and developer for Tremulous.