Wotspot is a hotspot without the fees.
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Wotspot is a hotspot without the fees. Wotspot allows any iOS device to host a session and share their mobile data. It works just like a regular hotspot, accept there is no monthly fee and all tasks are limited to the Wotspot browser. Up to 7 devices can connect to the host and use their data to surf the web.

Setting Up a Session:

  • Creating a new Wotspot session is as easy as pressing "Host" on the home screen.
  • Data caps allow you to keep track of the data users have consumed and limit them to a set amount.
  • Once the session is set up you can continue surfing the web on the host device too.

Joining a Session:

  • Joining a session is just involves accepting a host's invitation to join the session.
  • Data graphs keep you up to date with the amount of data you have remaining.
  • Usernames are initially set to the name of your device, but they are editable
  • Whenever you gain a signal again, you can leave the session by the tap of a button


  • Night mode allows you to continue browsing late at night or in dimly lit areas
  • Bookmarks allow you to store the websites you visit during the session and visit them later
  • Switch between mobile and desktop mode to obtain the best browsing experience


Open Wotspot.xcodeproj, change the bundle identifier to an identifier linked to your Apple developer account in order to run. Build using either the mac or iOS target.


This project is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.