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React Starterify

A minimal React JS application starter kit.

Start small, add what you need.

React Starterify aims to give you a good starting point for your projects. If you're looking for a minimal ES6 (ES2015) React JS starter with nice shallow rendering test examples, this is probably for you.

Why there are no Flux or Isomorphic things inside?

If you are a beginner, you probably don't want a complex structure with lots of things to care about. If you are an advanced user, and you need more features, you can choose one of the thousand existing full-stack starter kit. Or you can build your own.


Download React Starterify

Install the dependencies:

npm install


npm test

Development mode with livereload:

npm run watch or just npm start

When you are done, create a production ready version of the JS bundle:

npm run build

Deploy on Github pages with one command:

npm run deploy

What's new in v2.0:

  • React Router integration
  • CSS processing via PostCSS
    • cssnano for minification
    • nested
    • extend
    • vars
    • autoprefixer
  • gulpfile written in ES6 (ES2015)
  • better folder structure
  • no predefined AJAX libraries (use Fetch or Superagent if you need one).


MIT License