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ComponentOne Data Services Samples

Take your data management to the next level by building scalable services that run on any .NET platform.

  • Connect to cloud data sources and CRMs
  • Efficiently load and display large data sets
  • Analyze, slice, and pivot data

This repository contains the samples for ComponentOne Data Services. These samples provide complete implementation details for the component features. They are also included with the full download and install from

The samples reference but do not include the control packages. The control packages can be downloaded from

Building a Sample

  • .NET Framework samples require VS2012 and above.
  • .NET Core samples will require VS2017 and above.

You can also build any .NET Core sample using the .NET Core CLI, which is installed with the .NET Core SDK.

Then run these commands from the CLI in the directory of any sample:

dotnet build 
dotnet run 

This will install any needed dependencies, build the project, and run the project respectively.


License: MIT