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ComponentOne WinForms Edition Samples

Deliver intuitive and beautiful Windows Forms applications in less time.

  • Display and edit data with lightning-fast datagrids and input controls
  • Endless data visualization options with flexible charts and reporting components
  • Complete your apps with essential docking, ribbon, and dashboard layout controls
  • Extensive API and built-in customization options
  • Support for .NET Framework and .NET 6

This repository contains the samples for ComponentOne WinForms Edition. There are several different projects that are organized in sub-folders. These sub-folders are organized similarly to the organization of the docs for .NET. Each sample has a file that explains the sample.

The samples reference, but do not include, the control packages. The control packages can be downloaded from or

Building a Sample

  • .NET Framework samples require Visual Studio 2012 and above.
  • .NET 6 samples will require Visual Studio 2019 and above.

You can also build any .NET Core sample using the .NET Core CLI, which is installed with the .NET Core SDK. Then run these commands from the CLI in the directory of any sample:

dotnet build 
dotnet run 

This will install any needed dependencies, build the project, and run the project respectively.


If you see issues in specific samples or have requests for new samples, file issues in this repository.
If you see issues with the controls, file issues via our official support channel.

License: MIT