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What is Grape Booster?

Grape booster provides fast and high quality accesses to connect to blocked sites.

  • Free download, one-click to connect the open Internet, fast and simple.
  • Various channels for your selection, Grape booster continuously purchasing servers in a global scale to improve our connection quality.
  • Data encrypted, protect your privacy, safe and secure.
  • Enterprise class server group, superb world-class broadband.
  • Smart recognize sites that need to be accelerated.
  • Support all main stream operation systems.
  • Up to 99% usable rate, real time monitor on background, auto-pretreatment for abnormal channels.

Is Grape booster Free?

Every fresh user will get 100M free data for 1 month. If this 100M data is used up, there are various packages for you to choose. Grape booster now supports iOS, android and windows. One grape booster account can be used to login those three platforms. (Note: currently, grape booster account can only be registered through iOS and android)

Platform Download Loacation
android(mirror) Password: 9nas

What platform does Grape booster support?

Grape booster now supports iOS(IOS system supports 9.0 version or above), android(Android system supports 5.0 version or above) and windows.

What regions does Grape Booster servers cover?

Grape Booster now has servers in USA, Hong Kong and Japan, they all have superb speed. Grape Booster is purchasing more servers from other regions around the globe as of now.

How does the monthly package count?

Monthly data usage counts from the day you purchased Grape Booster, and is valid for the following 30 days. And you can check the detailed daily usage from the home page in the app.

Usage Rules For Coupon

  1. All goods in the LivesMall are electronics, which do not support refund or exchange. The usage status of goods is based on verification of the supplier.
  2. Each LVT account is limited to 3 purchases of the same product
  3. Grape Booster (GB) Coupon Product Description: You can check coupons in My Coupon after purchasing. The coupons can generate redeem code which can be used directly to get the data in Grape Booster.
  4. The Coupon supplied by Grape Booster is currently only available for the users who are not in China. Users in China please do not purchase.
  5. Coupon Offer Deadline: 05.28.2019.

Telegram Group:

Users who can't use Telegram can use "BiYong" app to scan the QR code and join the group to communicate with us