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This project is looking for a maintainer! File an issue if you are interested.

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Alchemy.js is a graph drawing application built in d3.

Alchemy.js was built so that developers could easily get up and running with Graph visualization applications, and not much over head. Minimal code is actually required to generate Alchemy.js graphs with most projects. Most customization of the application takes place by overriding default configurations, rather than direct implementation via JavaScript.

Additionally, because Alchemy.js is built with d3, the core application can easily be extended with any of the other features included in d3.

##Quick Start and Documentation Learn how to get up and running with Alchemy.js in the docs and check our examples in our examples gallery. ##Contributing Read about how to contribute in the docs.

##Licensing The source is licensed under the AGPLv3 license for open source and open data projects. For commercial licensing, get in touch with the [GraphAlchemist](,,'m%20interested%20in%20Alchemy%20commercial%20licensing%20options!%0A) team.