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This is a library plus a test harness for collecting algorithms that use the GraphBLAS
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This is a library plus a test harness for collecting algorithms that use the GraphBLAS. It contains the following files and folders:

CMakeLists.txt: a CMake script for compiling.  Do not run cmake in this
    top-level directory.  Do "make" here, which does the build in the
    ./build directory:

( cd build ; cmake .. ; make )

Doc: documentation, including the results of doxygen

Doxyfile: to build the doxygen documentation, do "make dox" in this folder.

Include: contains the LAGraph.h file

LICENSE: BSD 2-clause license

Makefile: a simple Makefile that relies on CMake to build LAGraph. this file

Source: source code for the LAGraph library

    * Algorithms: graph algorithms such as BFS, connected components,
        centrality, etc, will go here

    * Utilities: read/write a graph from a file, etc, will go here...

Test: main programs that test LAGraph.  To run the tests, first compile
    GraphBLAS and LAGraph, and then do "make tests" in this directory.

build: initially empty

To link against GraphBLAS, first install whatever GraphBLAS library you wish to use. LAGraph will use -lgraphblas and will include the GraphBLAS.h file from its installed location. Alternatively, the CMakeLists.txt script can use a relative directory:

../GraphBLAS: any GraphBLAS implementation.

So that LAGraph and GraphBLAS reside in the same parent folder. The include file for GraphBLAS will be assumed to appear in ../GraphBLAS/Include, and the compiled GraphBLAS library is assumed to appear in ../GraphBLAS/build. If you use a GraphBLAS library that uses a different structure, then edit the CMakeLists.txt file to point to right location.

Authors: (... list them here)

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