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LAGraph is a library plus a test harness for collecting algorithms that use GraphBLAS.

See for the source code for LAGraph, Documenation is at Test coverage results are at

Currently, SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS v7.0.0 or later is required. However, use the latest stable release of SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS for best results. See

A simple Makefile is provided but its use is optional. It simplifies the use of cmake, which is the primary build system for LAGraph. For Windows, import the CMakeLists.txt into MS Visual Studio instead.

To compile, run the tests, and install (Linux, Mac):

        make test
        sudo make install

To compile/install for elsewhere (for example, in /home/me/mystuff/lib and /home/me/mystuff/include), do not use this Makefile. Instead, do:

        cd build
        cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/home/me/mystuff" ..
        make install

To clean up the files:

        make clean

To uninstall:

        make uninstall

To compile and run test coverage: use "make cov". Next, open your browser to your local file, LAGraph/build/test_coverage/index.html. Be sure to do "make clean" afterwards, and then "make" to compile without test coverage.

The test coverage of the latest CI build is deployed to

To run the GAP benchmarks, see the instructions in this file:


LAGraph contents

LAGraph contains the following files and folders:

CMakeLists.txt: a CMake script for compiling/installing/testing LAGraph.

cmake_modules:  helper scripts for CMake to find GraphBLAS and to provide
    test coverage

data: small test matrices for the continuous integration tests

deps: 3rd party dependencies

doc: documentation

include: contains the LAGraph.h and LAGraphX.h files
    Do not edit include/LAGraph.h, since it is constructed
    from config/

LICENSE: BSD 2-clause license this file

src: stable source code for the LAGraph library (LAGraph.h)

    * algorithms: graph algorithms such as BFS, connected components,
        centrality, etc

    * utilities: read/write a graph from a file, etc

experimental*: draft code under development: (LAGraphX.h)
    do not benchmark without asking the LAGraph authors first

    * algorithms: draft graph algorithms such as Maximal Independent Set

    * utilities: draft utilities

build: initially empty


ChangeLog: changes since LAGraph v1.0

config:, for constructing include/LAGraph.h how to contributed to LAGraph code of conduct from

Contributors.txt: list of contributors


Makefile: simple scripts that rely on cmake

papers: papers on LAGraph

rtdocs: source for the LAGraph documentation

LAGraph and GraphBLAS

To link against GraphBLAS, first install whatever GraphBLAS library you wish to use. LAGraph will use -lgraphblas and will include the GraphBLAS.h file from its installed location. Alternatively, the CMakeLists.txt script can use a relative directory:

../GraphBLAS: any GraphBLAS implementation.

So that LAGraph and GraphBLAS reside in the same parent folder. The include file for GraphBLAS will be assumed to appear in ../GraphBLAS/Include, and the compiled GraphBLAS library is assumed to appear in ../GraphBLAS/build. The CMake should find GraphBLAS, but if you use a GraphBLAS library that uses a different structure, then edit the CMakeLists.txt file to point to right location.


See the Contributors.txt file