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LAGraph is a draft library plus a test harness for collecting algorithms that use the GraphBLAS.

The library can be built and tested with any GraphBLAS library. Currently, if SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS is used, v6.0.0 or later is required.

Since it's a draft, it contains are many draft/experimental codes with known sub-par performance. Performance of the best methods is highly sensitive on which version of SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS is being used, as well. No one other than the authors of this code are aware of which methods are the best, and how to achieve that performance.

Thus, do not benchmark LAGraph on your own without asking the authors first.

To build do the following from the top level directory:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make [-j#]
$ make test

To compile with a non-default compiler:

$ CC=gcc-11 cmake ..

To compile with test coverage:

cd build
cmake -DCOVERAGE=1 .. ; make -j8 ; make test_coverage

The test coverage of the latest CI build is deployed to

Then open this file in your browser:


To run the GAP benchmarks, see the instructions in these files:


The rest of this README is outdated and needs to be updated.

LAGraph contains the following files and folders:

CMakeLists.txt: a CMake script for compiling.  Do not run cmake in this
    top-level directory.  Do "make" here, which does the build in the
    ./build directory:

( cd build ; cmake .. ; make )

Doc: documentation

Include: contains the LAGraph.h file

LICENSE: BSD 2-clause license

Makefile: a simple Makefile that relies on CMake to build LAGraph. this file

Source: stable source code for the LAGraph library:  this is currently

    * Algorithms: graph algorithms such as BFS, connected components,
        centrality, etc, will go here

    * Utilities: read/write a graph from a file, etc, will go here...

Experimental*: draft code under development: do not benchmark without
    asking the LAGraph authors first

    * Algorithms: draft graph algorithms such as BFS, connected components,
        centrality, etc

    * Utilities: draft utilities go here

Test*: main programs that test LAGraph.  To run the tests, first compile
    GraphBLAS and LAGraph, and then do "make tests" in this directory.

build: initially empty

To link against GraphBLAS, first install whatever GraphBLAS library you wish to use. LAGraph will use -lgraphblas and will include the GraphBLAS.h file from its installed location. Alternatively, the CMakeLists.txt script can use a relative directory:

../GraphBLAS: any GraphBLAS implementation.

So that LAGraph and GraphBLAS reside in the same parent folder. The include file for GraphBLAS will be assumed to appear in ../GraphBLAS/Include, and the compiled GraphBLAS library is assumed to appear in ../GraphBLAS/build. If you use a GraphBLAS library that uses a different structure, then edit the CMakeLists.txt file to point to right location.

Authors: (... list them here)


This is a library plus a test harness for collecting algorithms that use the GraphBLAS




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