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@thestinger thestinger released this 05 Jun 16:32
· 238 commits to main since this release

Notable changes in version 43:

  • add toggle to enable Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL) for Latency mode on devices with support for it such as many Samsung phones
  • fall back to front camera for QR/barcode scan mode if the rear camera is unavailable
  • update CameraX to 1.2.0-alpha02 providing various improvements which are partially documented in their release notes including a workaround for a device bug we reported which was causing issues for cheap devices in India, Indonesia, etc.
  • slightly improve capture performance
  • improve QR/barcode scan mode layout
  • fix settings dialog transition for landscape mode
  • improve settings dialog animation
  • update AndroidX appcompat library to 1.4.2

A full list of changes from the previous release (version 42) is available through the Git commit log between the releases.

This app is available through the Play Store with the app id. Play Store releases go through review and it usually takes around 1 to 3 days before the Play Store pushes out the update to users. Play Store releases use Play Signing, so we use a separate app id from the releases we publish ourselves to avoid conflicts and to distinguish between them.

Releases of the app signed by GrapheneOS with the app id are published in the GrapheneOS app repository and on GitHub. You can use the GrapheneOS app repository client on Android 12 or later for automatic updates.

Releases are initially pushed out through the Beta channel for both the Play Store and our app repository and then get moved to the Stable channel.