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@thestinger thestinger released this 02 Jan 03:33
· 441 commits to main since this release

Full list of changes from the previous release (version 7). Notable changes:

  • add extended More Settings menu
  • add support for stripping all non-orientation, non-location EXIF metadata (location is handled with the existing disabled-by-default toggle and orientation metadata is an essential part of the image's appearance)
  • move save image as previewed to more settings
  • add gyroscope suggestions option
  • add image compression quality configuration option
  • add support for choosing a non-default (DCIM/Camera) output directory via system file manager
  • multiple small improvements and bug fixes for the in-app gallery UX
  • add zooming support to in-app gallery
  • improve settings frame rotation
  • replace barcode scanning image analysis rotation with the more robust CameraX implementation (improves reliability of scanning some non-QR barcode types)
  • temporarily replace CameraX EXIF timestamp generation with custom code properly handling time zones (to the extent that it's possible with EXIF) until CameraX improves
  • improve display of EXIF timestamps for in-app gallery
  • record FHD video by default instead of UHD (CameraX still has quirks for UHD recording which should get largely fixed in the next few months)
  • improve handling of images being deleted externally
  • update CameraX libraries to latest alpha release
  • update other dependencies