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There was about 11 people attending this first Graphite meetup



80 : already using graphite 20 : not yet


80 : Red Hat derivative 20 : Debian derivative

Dashboard Used


  • Internet : mac users had problem, it seems that it got better at some point (information needed)
  • Space : it seems to be alright for a small number, not sure if that place scales (information needed)


  • Other backend

  • StatsD

    • Installtion : a breeze on MacOS
    • Admin : to avoid DNS resolution overhead, use a statsd instance per application (who does have 20M)
    • Admin : takes the paint from creating the datapoint in graphite first.
  • Java monitoring

    • jmx : needs to create the datapoint twice, in jmx and grapite
    • metrics.codehaus.zzz : just a jar in you load path, give you garbage colector, jetty, log4j and + for free, low overhead.
  • DevOps

    • System metrics : allows you to get your point to the other teams. An example where all the component are tracked, helped a fellow graphite ranger to pin point what was wrong and stopped the finger pointing.
  • Metrics

    • n to 1: extrapolate plenty of metrics to meaningful single data point/curve is difficult.
    • Vanity metrics : your boss/business looks at it, add value to the "graph everything proposal"
  • Package(s)

    • Graphite/dashboard : installation is a pain (especially in the RPM world)
    • Components/Depedencies : Not in the official repo (Red Hat/CentOS) or too old in the alternative repo (EPEL)
    • Sources : we end up using source (git/tarball) and compile it ourslef.
    • Repo : we all maintain our own packages repository.
    • Glue : we all use scripts that do magic, once in a while from the contrib/ folder
  • Bookmarks

  • Gdash

    • Brings a level of abstraction (reference to made to chef), nice if you don't wnat to do a 400+ characters query by hand.
    • Brings a way to pass json definition (think host definition) to a graph, help to scale.
    • Can be script to automate dashboard creation.
    • Can use some ruby inside the template ( an example inside the gdash documentation could help to promote that feature)
    • Default provided for munin and collectd view.
    • Search in the latest version, comes handy once your dropdowns go bellow the bottom of the web page.
  • Data collection

    • Collectd : seems pretty obvious candidate, still people compile it and have to rely on their version (see packaging )
    • Collectd : Default to help you started
    • Munin : script from R.I. Pienaar for front end as well as back end (munin-graphite)
    • Diamond : Mentionned, i don't know what peoples feedback was.
    • Jmx : maybe not that great (see above)
    • Statsd interface : available for a wide rage of programing languages, easy to plug to.
    • Bash / netcat : You can do a simple script to track some metrics and get the job done.
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