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The files called 153ProbabilisticROIs_t88_info.txt and 153ProbabilisticROIs_MNI_info.txt contain coordinates (in Talairach and MNI space, respectively) and network information for 153 high-probability ROIs. The first column labels the ROIs in numbered order. The second, third, and fourth columns contain each region's coordinates (x,y,z) in Talairach/MNI space. The fifth column contains the network name to which each ROI was assigned, and the sixth column contains the corresponding network number label if using the 'power surf' color palette in Connectome Workbench. The seventh column contains the peak probability value across all voxels contained within the 7mm-diameter ROI.

The NIfTI file 153ProbabilisticROIs_t88.nii contains the 153 ROIs in volume (Talairach) in the same numbered order as column 1 of the text file described above. The NIfTI file 153ProbabilisticROIs_Networks_t88.nii contains the ROIs in volume (Talairach) color-coded by their Workbench network label.

The file called contains a Workbench scene file which loads each of the 14 networks' probabilistic maps into a separate tab in Workbench, such that clicking on a voxel on any map will bring up an Information window displaying that voxel's probability of network membership to all 14 networks. The probabilistic network maps are overlaid on a brain in 711-2B space, which conforms to the Talairach atlas. The zipped folder also contains each network map as an individual NIfTI file. An HCP-specific version of these maps is included as a scene file within


Files associated with Dworetsky et al., 2019 (SFN abstract) on probabilistic mapping of functional brain networks.







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