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Gtk# 2.99.0 - 2012-10-23
Gtk# 2.99.0 is the first release of C# bindings for GTK 3.x. This is a beta
release, primarily intended for applications developers who want to start
porting their application to GTK 3.x.
This version of Gtk# provides bindings for the API exposed by these libraries:
* cairo 1.10.0
* glib 2.28.0
* pango 1.28.3
* atk 1.32.0
* gdk-pixbuf 2.22.1
* gtk+ 3.0.0
There is no API stability guarantee for now, but we will try to keep breaking
changes to a minimum.
This version of Gtk# can be installed in parallel with Gtk# 2.x, and should not
have any impact on applications using Gtk# 2.x.
* All the new APIs provided by GTK 3.0 and friends are now available.
* Gtk# now provides bindings for cairo 1.10 in cairo-sharp.dll. In the future
we might go back to using the Mono.Cairo.dll binding included in Mono.
* Bindings for Gio are now included, instead of requiring a separate
gio-sharp package.
* GLib.Object now uses the Dispose pattern. Subclasses that need to do
resource clean-up should implement a Dispose(bool) method.
* Custom code is now provided solely using partial classes. The Foo.custom
files that were used before are now proper Foo.cs files.
* Various enhancements to the parser and the generator.
Bug fixes
* generator: Properly handle boolean attributes when parsing the GAPI XML
* glib: do not call g_thread_ functions in GLib >= 2.31
* gtk: Fix resurrection cycles in container subclasses (bxc#3801)
Lots of other bug fixes are included, in particular all the relevant fixes from
the stable 2.12 branch.