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Welcome to the Gravity wiki!

This community maintained wiki covers Gravity, a distributed computing architecture that emphasizes both resilience and interoperability. Gravity is being built to create next-generation blockchain applications such as those envisioned by Economic Space Agency. It's a lot of fun.


Gravity is pretty new, but we are already coding and designing something special. It's a great time to get involved at the ground floor, to rethink blockchain-based applications and computing platforms, and to code-up some fundamental architecture.

Consider all the documentation and code to be alpha or pre-alpha.

Getting Started

Read the white paper

Join the developers list to get in touch!

Related Stuff

Learn from our educational site: Agoric.info

Check out the Economic Space Agency White Paper

Read about the Gravity Economic Logic - we are inventing to build a strong and stable community around ECSA and Gravity.

Explore the Reading List to brush up on key concepts.

Happy coding! :)

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