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Release Notes

Latest Update of Gravium Wallet.



  • Send Button isn't working fixed.
  • Address Book doesnt save sent address with no description now.
  • Masternode updates too often (15 seconds) which cause more RAM usage which is now fixed.
  • Masternode sometimes shows "Masternode is syncing" randomly fixed.



  • Two new settings: Decimals Count for Balance for Overview and/or Send.
  • "Open Backups Location" added at Repair Wallet in Settings section.


  • RAM usage reduced by 75-95% (Not quite fixed yet)
  • Breaking Masternode collateral when sending fixed.
  • Scrollbar position will be kept when switchting tabs
  • Pagination at tables (as example "All Masternodes") doesnt glitch out anymore.
  • Some minor design glitch fixed
  • Received have not accurate balance fixed.


  • Huge performance boost at startup
  • New major design changes
  • New logo and new and changed icons
  • Many minor bugs fixed

2.0.3 Beta

  • "Data Received" renamed to "Blockchain Dowloaded"
  • "Data Sent" renamed to "Blockchain Shared"
  • Warning at creating address with spaces in label which doesnt support for Masternode(s).
  • Rewards will show "50 Confirmations" instead "6 Confirmations"
  • "Assistance Masternode Creation" will now warns you if the txid is still below of required confirmations.
  • Address Book System added at Send Tab
  • Minor design changes
  • Major Bug Fixes at Masternode (Issues at creating new Masternode) and Overview (Self Payment)

2.0.2 Beta

  • Self Payment will show as "Self Payment" and amount will be in gray at Overview
  • "Open Transaction"-Link is now fixed.
  • Footer Menus have now tooltip if you hover the icons by mouse.
  • "Data Sent", "Data Received", "Nodes Connected" added at Footer.
  • "Days at Overview (detailed) is not centered" - fixed
  • Send Section, locked balance will display at "total balance"
  • Send Section, if you send address to yourself and its labelled, it will show at "Pay to [LABEL]"
  • "Masternode wont be locked at Coin Control" fixed
  • Masternode Tab have now new icon look.
  • Masternode Section, detailed MN informations such like how much rewards, amount etc.
  • Masternode have now new icons and text for buttons at "My Masternode"-Section
  • Masternode "Start Certain Status", now you can start all MN at certain status.
  • "Entering IP Address"-Window for adding Masternode(s).
  • Receive Section, displaying list is not delaying anymore.
  • Send Tab will now show how much coins are locked.
  • Some text changes & some major design changes.

2.0.1 Beta

  • New Update Notification System added.

  • Release Notes added. It can be viewed at Settings and also visible on update notification window.

  • Masternode Configuration System added with automation check if the masternode.conf looks good!

  • There are now always at least 1 auto-generated receive address at Receive section.

    The auto-generated receive address is called as "Main"

  • Creating receive address without entering label will now call it as "label1", "label2", ..., "label49"

  • Coin Control Design issue fixed + "transaction id doesnt want to copy" fixed.

  • InstantSend added at Send section.

  • Overview design minor changed.

  • Settings have now other icon

  • QR is now showing in white/black to avoid troubling scanning on some devices.

  • Logo from right of title is now clickable and opens the gravium website.

  • Footer menu will now change color when mouse is over the icons.

  • Position "Send" and "Receive" at menu switched.

  • Loading bar added for downloading & updating Daemon.

  • Hide Masternode Tab at Settings is now working.

  • Disable animation as checkbox from Settings.

  • Auto-Launch removed from Settings.

    It didnt worked and also it was not a good idea to have this due Masternode(s) which can cause failing Masternode(s). Maybe we'll re-add this features sometimes in future again.

2.0.0 Beta

  • first release

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