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2014 Summer Immersive

####June 16th – August 23rd

Gray Area's Summer Immersive is a ten week program devoted to learning the art of creative coding held on June 16th – August 23rd. Our mission is to apply digital art and technology to create positive social impact. This Immersive is part of Gray Area’s commitment to teach digital tools to support artists and technologists and inspire the community by promoting meaningful new work. To keep creative code education as accessible as possible we charge a course fee that covers our nonprofit costs of paying our artist-instructors a living wage for the 120 hours of classroom instruction, and providing classroom and related support services The enrollment fee is $3,000, which breaks down to $25 per hour of classroom instruction.


###Shawn Allen - @shawnbot Shawn Allen is a Stamen advisor. In his former role as Interaction Director, he facilitated communication between Stamen’s design and technology teams and directed the design and implementation of interactive projects. He teaches and consults journalists, policymakers, and the public sector on strategies for making information available to the public. Shawn has worked in and on the web for over 15 years, first as an interaction designer, then developing user interfaces for console video games at Maxis, then as a freelance web designer and developer before joining Stamen in 2005. He has taught data visualization courses at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the Interaction Design MFA program at the Parsons School of Visual Arts in New York, and GAFFTAin San Francisco. He speaks regularly at design, technology and urban planning conferences, and develops open source software to support Stamen’s practice and the broader web design community.

###Gabriel Dunne - @quilime Gabriel Dunne’s work spans fine art to design and technology in the mediums of installation, architecture, industrial design, and audio/visual programming. His pursuits insight the exploration of life, music and sound, structure, and systems in the natural world. His projects have been shown in internationally at conferences and exhibitions including New York MoMA, SIGGRAPH, Japan Media Arts Festival, Barcelona Festival Sonar, Interferenze Italia, and numerous publications. He is a San Francisco native, and holds a B.A. in Design | Media Arts from UCLA. Gabriel currently an instructor for the Open Source class in BAVC’s NextGen department.

###Matt Ganucheau - @mganucheau Matt Ganucheau, Director of Education at Gray Area, is a San Francisco based artist, composer, designer, and educator. With a passion for exploring the boundaries of interactive digital culture, he creates physical and sonic environments that engage his viewers by evoking a deeply reflective internal space. Matt‘s role is responsible for creating innovative and exploratory educational programs that focus on the intersection of digital art and technology.

Over the course of his multi-disciplinary professional career, Matt has worked for software companies such as California Academy of Sciences, Apple, Native Instruments, and SEGA while teaching at educational facilities such as E’xpression College for the Arts and the California Academy of Science. He has exhibited work internationally and has been featured in publications such as WIRED, CNET, Adbusters, and The Huffington Post. Matt graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Music Synthesis and received his Master’s degree from New York University’s Interactive Technology Program.

###Ben McChesney - @benDesigning Ben McChesney has an eccentric passion for making shiny and fun installations. With the Microsoft Kinect sensor his focus shifted from a flash web developer towards Open Frameworks and creating physical experiences. The result of this new direction led him to join Helios Interactive, an experience design studio in San Francisco, and spearhead their development team in multi-touch and gesture based installations. He is a recent graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology’s New Media Design and Imaging degree program. In his free time Ben is an amateur economist, musician, and a heck of a dancer. Someday he hopes to use data visualization and open source to make the world a better place.

###Neal Riley - @nealriley Neal Riley is an ETL/Data Warehouse developer at Atlassian, with a background in Electronic Music that started in College, where he studied contemporary Electronic Music during Karlheinz Stockhausen’s residency at the Univeristy of Alabama. During this time he composed using Csound, PureData, and Max/MSP. As theMetakids, Neal has worked with EDM artists such as Beautiful Bells (Moodgadget) and recently Hudson Mohawke, Paul Van Dyke and Just Blaze.

###Kristina Garfinkle - @kbrainwave ** TA Scholarship Recipient **

Kristina is a software engineer for Versal, an education startup. She has a strong affinity for puzzles, colors, and collaboration. Before her career in web development, she was a passionate neuroscientist conducting research at UC Berkeley and Stanford. She is excited to integrate her creative and computational sides to explore neuroscientific concepts such as time, pair bonding, and sexual differentiation.

###Kiri Strack-Grose - @KiriStackGrose ** Intern at Gray Area **

Kiri is a student at Bennington College, studying Theatrical Design and Production and Computer Science. She plans to go into some field related to either of these interests after graduating in December, and in the meantime spends her free time programming, dancing, and drinking tea.


Each week focuses on a new creative creative code technique with 12 hours of instruction distributed over three sessions, Tuesdays & Thursdays (6pm – 9pm) & Saturdays (12pm – 6pm).

Week Dates Class Instructor
1 6/17,19,21 Web Skills Shawn Allen & Matt Ganucheau
2 6/24,26,28 Processing Matt Ganucheau
3 7/1,3,5 Javascript Shawn Allen
4 7/8,10,12 Node.js Neal Riley
5 7/15,17,19 Microcontrollers Matt Ganucheau
6 7/22,24,26 openFrameworks Ben McChesney
7 7/29,31,8/2 Data Visualization Shawn Allen
8 8/5,7,9 Interactive Installations Matt Ganucheau
9 8/12,14,16 Computer Vision Ben McChesney
10 8/19,21,23 Projection Mapping Gabriel Dunne