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Week 1: Web Skills

Taught by Shawn Allen & Matt Ganucheau

Course Description

This class will teach you just enough about web technology to be dangerous, from authoring your own HTML and CSS to version control and hosting with GitHub.

Software Used

Resources Referenced

June 17th (6pm - 9pm)

Tonight we took a shotgun approach and covered a lot of stuff:

  • What is the web? DNS, HTTP, and URLs
  • Web standards and browsers
  • The basics of HTML
    • Element syntax
    • Document structure
    • Common HTML5 elements and their uses
  • An introduction to GitHub
    • creating a personal page with GitHub Pages
    • using the static site generator
    • syncing code with the native app for Mac and Windows
  • The Atom text editor

Check out the slides on your own time, and get in touch if you have any questions!

Suggested Reading

June 19th (6pm - 9pm)

Tonight we dove deep into CSS and tricked out our personal GitHub pages. Here are some of the topics covered:

Check out the slides, and I'll see you in 2 weeks for the JavaScript course!

Further Reading

June 21st (12pm - 6pm)

Review: HTML & CSS

Review: Github

  • Cloning a site from github
  • Creating a page using github pages generator

Intro to Bootstrap

Bootstrap Resources:

Software to know about

Online Tools

Online Editors

Learning Resources