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Week 3: JavaScript

Taught by Shawn Allen

Course Description

This course will provide you with a solid understanding of the JavaScript programming language and its use in the context of web browsers. We'll learn language fundamentals and use them in creative applications.

Software Used

Resources Referenced

Tuesday, July 1st (6pm - 9pm)

On our first day we covered the basics of JavaScript syntax. The slides are in the slides directory, which you can view locally by cloning this repository. Here's the outline:

Thursday, July 3rd (6pm - 9pm)

Tonight we went deeper into JavaScript:

Then we dove into two very different graphics APIs:

  1. Drawing pixels with Canvas:
  1. Drawing vectors with SVG:

Here are the slides, but you'll probably have more luck running them locally.

Saturday, July 5th (12pm - 6pm)

On Saturday we covered the basics of loading external files, the JSON standard, and hacked on some animated sketches and SVG.