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Add contributors file, closes #108

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  1 +Support
  2 +=========
  3 +
  4 +For real-time support, please visit #sc2reader on the IRC. For all other support please use the mailing list or open an issue in the github tracker.
  5 +
  6 +Issues
  7 +=========
  8 +
  9 +Please include links to the relevant replays and a code sample to replicate. If you can't share your code/replays publicly try to replicate with a smaller script or a replay you can share. If you can't even do that, say so in your issue and you can send me your materials privately.
  10 +
  11 +Patches
  12 +=========
  13 +
  14 +Please submit patches by pull request where possible. Patches should add a test to confirm their fix and should not break previously working tests.
  15 +
  16 +If you are having trouble running/add/fixing tests for your patch let me know and I'll see if I can help.
  17 +

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