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A python library that extracts data from various Starcraft II resources to power tools and services for the SC2 community. Who doesn't want to hack on the games they play?
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What is sc2reader?

sc2reader is a library for extracting game information from Starcraft II replay files into a structured replay object. sc2reader aims to give anyone and everyone the power to construct their own tools and hack on their own Starcraft II projects under the open MIT license.

Supports Python 2.6+, Python 3 isn't tested but probably won't work. If you want to make it work, drop a proposal on the mailing list. Python 3.0 support would be awesome.

Special thanks to the people of the awesome phpsc2replay project whose public documentation and source code made starting this library possible.

Current Status

sc2reader can parse basic replay information out of all official releases of Starcraft II from 1.1.0 to 1.4.1. This means that the following information can be extracted:

  • Replay details (map, length, version, date, game type, game speed, ...)
  • Player details (name, race, team, color, bnet url, ...)
  • Message details (text, time, player, target, ...)
  • Game details (winners, losers, unit abilities, unit selections, hotkeys, ...)

Unfortunately, the area around game details is still very rough. Most of the available builds do not map the parsed ability codes to the corresponding unit ability which really limits its usability for anything beyond apm type calculations. Filling out the ability codes mapping is the primary task right now and hopefully improve support can be added in the near future.

1.0.x is also supported via code more or less copied from the phpsc2replay project. While it appears to work, there are no guarantees and getting support for any issues will probably be difficult. If you have 1.0.x replays laying around it would be great if you could post them to the mailing list for testing purposes. We would require permission to upload and distribute them through our Github repository.


The example below demonstrates some of the most basic usage. For more detailed examples consult the official documentation.

>>> import sc2reader
>>> r = sc2reader.read_file('test_replays/')
>>> print "Duration: {0} on {1}, played {2} ".format(r.length,,
Duration: 10.59 on Xel'Naga Caverns, played 2011-09-21 02:49:47
>>> for player in r.players:
...     print "[{0}] {1}, {2} APM".format(player.result,player,player.avg_apm)
[Win] Player 1 - MaNNErCHOMP (Terran), 148.13353566 APM
[Loss] Player 2 - vVvHasuu (Protoss), 143.525835866 APM
>>> r.player[1].result
>>> r.player['vVvHasuu'].url

For web services, dumping to json might be a common operation.

>>> import sc2reader;
>>> from sc2reader.processors import jsonEncoder
>>> print sc2reader.read_file(
...     'test_replays/',
...     processors=[jsonEncoder(indent=4)]
... )
    "category": "Ladder",
    "map": "Xel'Naga Caverns",
    "players": [
            "uid": 934659,
            "play_race": "Terran",
            "color": {
                "a": 255,
                "r": 180,
                "b": 30,
                "g": 20
            "pick_race": "Terran",
            "pid": 1,
            "result": "Win",
            "name": "MaNNErCHOMP",
            "url": "",
            "messages": [
                    "text": "lol",
                    "is_public": true,
                    "time": 9
                    "text": "sup bra",
                    "is_public": true,
                    "time": 23
                    "text": ":(",
                    "is_public": true,
                    "time": 48
            "type": "Human",
            "avg_apm": 148.13353566009107
            "uid": 493391,
            "play_race": "Protoss",
            "color": {
                "a": 255,
                "r": 0,
                "b": 255,
                "g": 66
            "pick_race": "Protoss",
            "pid": 2,
            "result": "Loss",
            "name": "vVvHasuu",
            "url": "",
            "messages": [],
            "type": "Human",
            "avg_apm": 143.52583586626139
    "type": "1v1",
    "is_ladder": true,
    "utc_date": "2011-09-21 06:49:47",
    "file_time": 129610613871027307,
    "observers": [],
    "frames": 10552,
    "build": 19679,
    "date": "2011-09-21 02:49:47",
    "unix_timestamp": 1316587787,
    "filename": "test_replays/",
    "speed": "Faster",
    "gateway": "us",
    "is_private": false,
    "release": ""

Seriously, consult the documentation! Its for your own good.

Example Scripts

A couple simple scripts have been included in the sc2reader package to get you started and provide an example. While potentially useful on their own they are primarily there to demonstrate what can be done. As such, there are no guarantees that these scripts will be maintained or continue operating in the same way.

Please modify them to your liking or create your own as necessary. If you are proud of your changes or would like to have your script distributed let the mailing list know. Generally speaking, we'd be happy to distribute more useful example scripts and utilities.


The sc2printer script packaged with sc2reader provides a configurable printout of several key aspects of the replay(s) that its pointed at:

graylin@graylin-laptop:/home/sc2reader$ sc2printer test_replays/ --messages --date --map --length --teams


   Map:      Xel'Naga Caverns
   Length:   10.59
   Date:     2011-09-21 02:49:47
   Teams:    TvP
      Team 1        MaNNErCHOMP (T)
      Team 2        vVvHasuu (P)
      00.09 - MaNNErCHOMP    - lol
      00.23 - MaNNErCHOMP    - sup bra
      00.48 - MaNNErCHOMP    - :(


sc2autosave is a utility script that you could run in cycle mode in the background or hook up to a cron job in batch mode to autosave your replay files with configurable naming conventions into a structured file hierarchy.

Its got a lot of options, so make sure to use the --help command before you get started.

graylin@graylin-laptop:/home/sc2reader$ sc2autosave test_replays test_autosave --mode BATCH --action COPY --exclude-dirs problem_replays mine
Loading state from file: test_autosave/sc2autosave.dat
SCANNING: test_replays
        Source: /149414-nSkENNY-VS-aflubin.sc2replay
        Dest: /18.12 1v1 on Abyssal Caverns.SC2Replay
        Source: /
        Dest: /16.48 1v1 on Shakuras Plateau.SC2Replay
        Source: /
        Dest: /20.20 1v1 on Lost Temple.SC2Replay
        Source: / Haven_6473.SC2Replay
        Dest: /27.14 2v2 on Scorched Haven.SC2Replay
        Source: /
        Dest: /21.04 1v1 on Мусоросборник.SC2Replay
        Source: /
        Dest: /19.22 1v1 on Steppes of War.SC2Replay
        Source: / Temple_3969.SC2Replay
        Dest: /16.46 1v1 on Lost Temple.SC2Replay
        Source: /
        Dest: /22.04 1v1 on Metalopolis.SC2Replay
        Source: /
        Dest: /09.04 1v1 on Blistering Sands.SC2Replay

.... #There are hundreds of test replays...


sc2store is a really cool idea that I probably won't get around to finishing. It uses sqlAlchemy to stuff the target replays into a target SQL database. The models could definitely use some work and there might be a couple bugs to shake out but it demonstrates a pretty solid approach to working with sc2reader from other languages. used a script similar to this for a long time to work with sc2reader from his Ruby on Rails web application.

If you don't specify a storage string it just uses sqlite in memory.

graylin@graylin-laptop:/home/sc2reader$ sc2store test_replays/mine
#LOTS OF SQLAlchemy output...
2011-10-02 14:28:11,892 INFO sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine SELECT DISTINCT AS anon_1
FROM person
2011-10-02 14:28:11,892 INFO sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine ()
[(u'AMartinez',), (u'Adelscott',), (u'AintNoThang',), (u'Amanda',),
 (u'Blue',), (u'BurnemDown',), (u'ByTheNumbers',), (u'CDUB',), (u'CuP',),
 (u'Davidal',), (u'DrMandrake',), (u'Ender',), (u'ExAn',), (u'FalconPunch',),
 (u'Fertile',), (u'Geph',), (u'HaRibO',), (u'HaZeN',), (u'HarshCougar',),
 (u'HeLeCoPtEr',), (u'Jakrom',), (u'James',), (u'Jeff',), (u'Kamron',),
 (u'Kevin',), (u'Manny',), (u'Merveilles',), (u'Mort',), (u'NELLYSON',),
 (u'NerdHerder',), (u'Onjai',), (u'OrangeBottle',), (u'PandaFeather',),
 (u'PatsyCake',), (u'Peonz',), (u'Pille',), (u'Reaganomics',), (u'Red',),
 (u'Remedy',), (u'Saladrael',), (u'ShadesofGray',), (u'SourDiesel',),
 (u'TAG',), (u'TheBoss',), (u'ThisBryanFoo',), (u'TigerGosu',), (u'Tyrak',),
 (u'UniqueRubber',), (u'Violet',), (u'Wukasz',), (u'YoungPhoenix',),
 (u'ZORN',), (u'ZeroHero',), (u'agility',), (u'dante',), (u'haoster',),
 (u'marmot',), (u'mouzMaNa',), (u'neosmatrix',), (u'oobugoo',),
 (u'reddawn',), (u'rostin',), (u'rubbernutzz',), (u'wildcard',), (u'yenoMenO',)]


Okay, I've convinced you to give sc2reader a shot. Next you need to install it. If you are on windows you can cheat and just run the .exe download at the bottom of this page.

If you are on sane system like the rest of us you can try one of the following magic incantations on the shell. If you are a developer and want the latest and greatest at all times, you can skip to the advanced installation section.

pip install sc2reader

If you don't have pip, you should consider getting it, but I digress. You can use easy_install instead.

easy_install sc2reader

If you don't have easy_install you probably have your reasons. If you don't, then I really think you should consider getting it. Or better yet, get pip! Never fear though, when all else fails you can still do things the old fashioned way.

tar -xzf sc2reader-0.3.0.tar.gz
cd sc2reader-0.3.0
python install

Advanced Installation

Master is at times a bit unstable and the interface might change in (mostly) minor ways without warning. That being said, its where all the best stuff is. If you are going to do this install you should definitely be on the developers mailing list and it would be great if you stopped by #sc2reader on and said Hi. We can help you get up to speed and get started.

git clone
cd sc2reader
python install

If you intend on making local modifications it'd be better to use develop mode instead:

python develop

You can test your install to verify that things are working correctly using pytest, an automated testing solution. Just run the following from the root folder of the sc2reader source code:

pip install pytest

If they don't all pass, something went wrong. Panic. If that doesn't work, reach out on IRC or on our mailing list for assistance.


sc2reader has a small but growing community of people looking to make tools and websites with Starcraft II replay data. If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of please join our underused mailing list and start a conversation or stop by #sc2reader on FreeNode and say 'Hi'. We have members from all over Europe, Australia, and the United States currently, so regardless of the time, you can probably find someone to talk to.

Issues and Support

We have an issue tracker on Github that all bug reports and feature requests should be directed to. We have a mailing list with Google Groups that you can use to reach out for support. We are generally on FreeNode in the #sc2reader and may be able to provide support and address issues there as well.

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