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SC2Reader Home

If you are....

  • looking for user documentation, you can find the user manual (new_data docs) on ReadTheDocs.
  • looking for Replay Format information, see the Replay Format Home page.
  • trying to file a bug report, enter it in the github issue tracker and assign it to @GraylinKim
  • sharing a feature request or other non-bug feedback, send it over the mailing list

Now if you made it this far you must be a looking to contribute some work to develop of the sc2reader project in some way. We've got features to design, tests to write, marketing to be done, documentation to update, and work for just about anyone who wants it. If you plan on staying a while, please add yourself on our Community page. Its a great way for everyone to see who else is on board with the project and during what times they are likely to be awake and available.

Developer Installation

Style Guide

  • Always trim trailing spaces.
  • Always use 4 spaces and not tabs.
  • To be continued...

Guidelines (more needed)

The gitwiki is likely to be your best bet on up to date information about the status and progress of the sc2reader project. Feel free to clone and mess with the code as you see fit, and talk to the Community. Please visit the Status page for specifics on where we need help. Follow the below guidelines if you intend to contribute to the project.

  1. New Wiki pages will be in reStructured text format. We are a python project using Sphinx for the User Manual and its better to be consistent than not. So even if you think markdown is the best and screw all the rest, we'll continue using reStructured text on this wiki. You can use the docutils page as a reference if you need one.
  2. Old wiki pages in markdown format need to be converted for conformity, except in the ReplayFormat subsection of the wiki since it is no longer being maintained (unless someone wants to volunteer)
  3. The wiki will be used for contributor level information and documentation/discussion with all user information getting shipped off to the Sphinx User Manual.

That's all for now folks, if you've got ideas about what should go up here...just put it up here. Its easier to ask forgiveness than permission so get started!

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