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Add a composer.json file to support Composer ( #9

merged 1 commit into from Apr 26, 2012

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msabramo commented Apr 5, 2012

This adds a composer.json file that describes gelf-php and will allow people to install it with Composer by referring to the GitHub repo in their composer.json (see for details on how this would work).

A nice follow-up to this would be to publish gelf-php on packagist; then people will be able to install it even more easily without having to add a custom repo to their composer.json.

See my gelf-php-test repo, which illustrates how to use a composer.json to import my fork of gelf-php into a project.

Seldaek commented Apr 6, 2012

I would recommend using a classmap autoloader, with just [""] as config, so it scans all files for classes. That way the namespace pull request becomes optional, which is probably better since it means requiring php 5.3, it may not be well received.

msabramo commented Apr 6, 2012

@Seldaek Are you saying to have both a classmap autoloader AND a PSR-0 autoloader or to switch to just a classmap autoloader? I have an example of the former approach in 578d19b.

Seldaek commented Apr 8, 2012

I mean just the classmap one. Having both serves no purpose really.

@lennartkoopmann lennartkoopmann merged commit f0e2636 into Graylog2:master Apr 26, 2012
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