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graylog-project CLI

Travis-CI Build Status License

This is a CLI tool for managing a graylog-project setup. Building Graylog involves managing multiple repositories, and this tool helps streamline that process.


  • Download the binary for your platform from the releases page
  • Copy the downloaded binary to a directory in your PATH (i.e. cp graylog-project.linux $HOME/bin/graylog-project
  • See graylog-project instructions on how to use it


The CLI uses a manifest file to determine which repositories it should be managing. These manifests can be found in the manifests/ directory. When you run the checkout command, for example, the cli will checkout all the repos mentioned in the config at the versions specified.

Additionally, there is the apply-manifest file. This file is used during releases. It contains the new version that all managed repos should be set to after the release. It can also optionally contain the name of a new branch to create across all repos.

Available Commands

command name description
apply-manifest Builds a version of Graylog using the components specified in the apply-manifest. Also increments the version after the build and optionally creates a new branch.
apply-manifest-generate Generate an apply-manifest from the given manifest
bootstrap Clone and setup graylog-project repository
checkout Update all repos for the given manifest
exec Execute arbitrary commands across all modules
git Run git commands across all modules
github GitHub management
graylog-version Sets the Graylog version across all modules
help Display help on any command
idea Commands for setting up IntelliJ IDEA
maven-parent Show or modify maven parent
maven-property Gets or sets a maven property
npm Run npm commands across all modules
npm-clean Cleanup npm/yarn related state
regenerate Regenerate files for the current checkout
run Run Graylog server, MongoDB , Elasticsearch and other services
status Shows the current version and branch of each managed repo.
update Update all repositories for the current manifest
version Display version of the Graylog CLI tool
yarn Run yarn commands across all modules


Please read the contributing instructions to get started.


graylog-project-cli is released under the SSPL.