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Commits on May 24, 2018
Commits on May 23, 2018
Commits on May 22, 2018
  1. Add `join()` function to join an array of strings (#4717)

    joschi authored and kmerz committed May 22, 2018
    * Add `join()` function to join an array of strings
    Closes #4688
    * Add support for collections as elements array
    The pipeline interpreter is  mapping literal lists to `List<Object>`.
    This commit adds support for using literal lists as elements array in the `join()` pipeline function.
    * Improves consistency by returning a List<String> from `split()`
    Literal lists are treated as `List<Object>` and `split()` now also returns
    a list (`List<String`) instead of an array of strings.
  2. Improving stores/connect helper function. (#4796)

    dennisoelkers authored and kmerz committed May 22, 2018
    * Improving stores/connect helper function.
    This PR is adding small improvements to the `connect` helper function
    used to connect React components to Reflux stores:
      * Adds a meaningful `displayName` to the generated wrapper component
    which is visible in Chrome Devtools during debugging, including the name
    of the wrapped component and the configured stores
      * Allows passing a props mapper function to mangle props before
    passing them to the component
      * Corrects example in JSDoc
      * Adds helpful error message which is printed to the console when one
    of the passed stores is `undefined`
    * Correcting indentation.
  3. Disable flaky test in `AbstractTcpTransportTest` (#4792)

    dennisoelkers authored and joschi committed May 22, 2018
    A test of the `AbstractTcpTransportTest` suite keeps failing, which is
    now disabled until it is fixed.
Commits on May 17, 2018
  1. Stripping out flow types from JS files. (#4795)

    dennisoelkers authored and kmerz committed May 17, 2018
    This allows e.g. plugin authors to use flow types in development and/or
    leave flow type information in source while still being able to
Commits on May 16, 2018
  1. Support case-insensitive auth-scheme token in proxy authentication (#…

    joschi authored and dennisoelkers committed May 16, 2018
    The original implementation of the `ProxyAuthenticator` in `OkHttpClientProvider`
    matched the authentication scheme in a case-sensitive way, which doesn't work
    with all HTTP proxy servers in the wild.
    Fixes #4788
    RFC 7235, section 2.1
    > Authentication parameters are name=value pairs, where the name token
    > is matched case-insensitively, and each parameter name MUST only
    > occur once per challenge.
    RFC 2617, section 1.2
    > It [the authentication mechanism] uses an extensible,
    > case-insensitive token to identify the authentication scheme,
    > followed by a comma-separated list of attribute-value pairs which
    > carry the parameters necessary for achieving authentication via that
    > scheme.
  2. Set SelectPopover filter text from state (#4793)

    edmundoa authored and mariussturm committed May 16, 2018
    This allows us to maintain the filter text if the SelectPopover is hidden
    while a filter is set, and then open the popover again.
Commits on May 9, 2018
  1. Grok editor (#4725)

    kmerz authored and dennisoelkers committed May 9, 2018
    * Enhance backend of Grok Patterns
    - Send a sane error message when validation of grok pattern failed
    - Show errors if the validation does not successfully end
    - Add a test endpoint which will take sample data and will return matched result
    * Make use of new test endpoint
    - Add a sample data text area and a test result area
    - Add a button which takes the name, pattern and sample data to send it to the server
    - Show result in test result area
    - Add new snapshot tests
    - Add help text to make it easier for the user
    * Fix licence error and linter warnings
    * Fix further linter warnings
    * Add callback to testPattern to Edit a pattern
    * Add grok:test AuditType
    * Fix test and refactor Exception handling
    - The test was raising a PatternSyntaxException which was not caught
    - Use | Syntax to bring GrokException and PatternSyntaxException together
    - Remove grok:test from AuditTypes since it is not needed
    * Fix AuditEvent Check
    * Fix order of pattern compiling
    When editing a Pattern, the result was take from the old
    pattern since it was add later than the new one (so overriding
    the new pattern).
    * Fix Review Comments
    * Fix bug from upgrade grok libary
    If you had grok pattern saved and want to reuse them in a new gork pattern
    the validate would fail since the old grok patterns were not considred in the
    * Remove html tags, since UserNotification is now escaped
    * Remove wrong imports
    * Fix review comments:
    - change sample_data to sampleData
    - Add validation before sending to test a pattern
    * Fix validation of grok pattern
    Use the state instead of props when validate the grok pattern.
    * Fix from Review
    - Add a panel which displays the error from testing a
      Grok Pattern instead of showing a Notifier which vanishes.
    - Catch IllegalArgumentException to prevent a log message!
    - Fix further fallout of grokpattern libary update:
      We need to consider saveAll as well and add there for a validateAll.
    * Remove some linter warnings
    * Enhance error handling when uploading a grok pattern file
    * Fix GrokResourceTest
    * Fix upload of grok patterns with cross dependencies
Commits on May 8, 2018
  1. Rule Helper Filter (#4768)

    kmerz authored and dennisoelkers committed May 8, 2018
    * Rule Helper Filter
    The Rule Helper displays a lot of documentation for pipeline rules.
    Since it is tiresome to go through 10 pages of pipeline functions
    I add a filter to make it easier to search for a specific pipeline
    rule function.
    - Also: Boy Scout Rule: Remove eslint errors.
    * Move FilterInput into a reusable component
    * Fix newly introduced linter warning!
Commits on May 4, 2018
  1. Initializing map holding element refs in `GeoIpResolverConfig`. (#4771)

    dennisoelkers authored and kmerz committed May 4, 2018
    * Initializing map holding element refs in `GeoIpResolverConfig`.
    In #4736, string refs have been replaced by callbacks. As a fallout of
    this change, the map holding refs for inputs in `GeoIpResolverConfig`
    was forgotten to initialize, breaking the Geo Ip Processor config modal.
    This change is fixing this. Additionally, #4736 was checked again for
    variables holding element refs in a nested way (like
    `this.inputs[element]`) but no other occurrences where the holder was
    not initialized were found.
    * Fixing linter hints.
    * Fixing rest of linter hints.
Commits on May 3, 2018
  1. Fix links in README (#4764)

    joschi authored and jalogisch committed May 3, 2018
    [ci skip]
Commits on May 2, 2018
  1. Update to webpack 4 (#4756)

    dennisoelkers authored and kmerz committed May 2, 2018
    * Updating to webpack 4.1.1.
    This PR is upgrading from webpack 3.x to webpack 4(.1.1). As this is a
    major upgrade, all used plugins need updating too.
    * Updating yarn.lock after rebase.
    * Using proper html-webpack-plugin instead of github.
    * Updating yarn.lock for graylob-web-plugin.
    * Updating yarn.lock.
    * Replacing Uglify plugin with built-in functionality.
    * Updating react-styleguidist due to incompatible dependencies.
    * Fixing linter hints.
    * Updating vendor bundle module ids.
    * Use custom UglifyJsPlugin instance instead of generic minimizer.
    This helps us preventing variable mangling in some case, which break
    existing code (namely rickshaw).
    * Removing superfluous spaces.
Commits on Apr 27, 2018
  1. Retain timezone if date pattern contains TZ (#4279)

    joschi authored and kmerz committed Apr 27, 2018
    The date converter should retain the timezone contained in the timestamp
    even if the users provided another (default) timezone in the configuration
    of the date converter.
Commits on Apr 26, 2018
  1. Replacing babel es2015 preset with env preset. (#4749)

    dennisoelkers authored and kmerz committed Apr 26, 2018
    The babel team is recommending to switch to the `env` preset instead of
    using the yearly presets (which also require continuous updates to the
    config). According to the babel team the preset has: `By default, [...]
    the same behavior as previous presets to compile ES2015+ to ES5.`
    More information can be found [here](
Commits on Apr 25, 2018
  1. Sort output config fields stably (#4746)

    Al2Klimov authored and edmundoa committed Apr 25, 2018
    Sort fields in ConfigurationForm by optionality and then by order in the response.
Commits on Apr 24, 2018
  1. Explicitly close MongoDB cursors after use (#4753)

    joschi authored and kroepke committed Apr 24, 2018
    While MongoDB cursors are usually being closed if they've been exhausted or
    after a certain timeout, explicitly closing these server-side resources helps
    MongoDB to manage resources and not occupy memory for open cursors longer than
Commits on Apr 23, 2018
  1. Make sure to reload the default stream if it has been changed (#4752)

    bernd authored and kroepke committed Apr 23, 2018
    * Make sure to reload the default stream if it has been changed
    Without this, changes to the default stream would not become active
    until a server restart because the default stream is only loaded once
    when it's first accessed. (see DefaultStreamProvider)
    Fixes #4747
    * Create StreamsChangedEvent when removing an output from all streams
Commits on Apr 20, 2018
  1. Link decorator fixes (#4742)

    edmundoa authored and kmerz committed Apr 20, 2018
    * Fix check when fieldValue is not an object
    The `in` operator is not available for all types, and can make the
    condition throw an error.
    * Move renderForDisplay method
    Fixing a linting error
    * Small styling changes
    Preparing for the changes to come
    * Introduce DecorationStats
    This will help us to check if a field was decorated without passing
    around functions.
    * Ensure LinkFieldDecorator is applied in message table
    Move logic decorating message to MessageTableEntry, and apply the same
    logic to the message details.
  2. Maintaining saved search id across search execution. (#4743) (#4744)

    edmundoa authored and dennisoelkers committed Apr 20, 2018
    (cherry picked from commit 7fce24c)
  3. Remove string refs for React 16 compatibility. (#4736)

    dennisoelkers authored and kmerz committed Apr 20, 2018
    * Removing string refs, replacing by callbacks.
    * Replacing string ref with callback.
    * Replacing string refs with callbacks.
    * Replacing string refs with callbacks.
Commits on Apr 19, 2018
  1. Disable automatic retries and replace Jest retries (#4741)

    bernd authored and joschi committed Apr 19, 2018
    We include all SocketExceptions in the list of retryable errors
    this way we will always pick a new server from the list when
    there's underlying issues.
    Simply retrying the HTTP request against the same server makes little
    sense in a cluster, so we disable that in favor of picking a new host.
    Refs #4738
    (cherry picked from commit a25c643)
  2. Add prop to render help trigger in SearchForm (#4734)

    edmundoa authored and bernd committed Apr 19, 2018
    `SearchForm` is almost always used with some special query syntax that
    that users may not know, or may not always remember. That means that
    almost always there is a help button associated to the `SearchForm`. So
    far the help button was rendered outside the `SearchForm` component,
    usually too far away from the text input as to still remain some
    This commit let us render a help button inside the text input, helping
    users to associate that help with the text that they are supposed to
    write in that input.
  3. Remove Drools-based blacklist (#4698)

    joschi authored and bernd committed Apr 19, 2018
    Refs #2309
    Refs #4694
  4. Set dashboard title and description with React (#4730)

    edmundoa authored and dennisoelkers committed Apr 19, 2018
    Handle editing of dashboard title and description through React and
    Reflux, avoiding the use of jquery and specially `.html`
  5. Cleanup node_modules in plugins like we do in the main web interface (#…

    bernd authored and dennisoelkers committed Apr 19, 2018
    This ensures that a "mvn clean" removes the node_modules folder in all
  6. More detailed error message for missing Grok patterns (#4720)

    joschi authored and bernd committed Apr 19, 2018
    * Add failing test for #3949
    * Upgrade to java-grok 0.1.8-graylog
    Fixes #3949
    * Fix test
    * Add proper error handling to GrokTesterResource
    * Add tests for setting a JSR-310 type as timestamp with Message#addField()
  7. Add support for int values in SearchQuery (#4733)

    edmundoa authored and bernd committed Apr 19, 2018
    * Add support for int types in SearchQuery
    Add new SearchQueryField.Type for int and adapt code to support them.
    * Adapt default search operator to type
    Using `SearchQueryOperators.REGEX` as default is fine for String types,
    but it forces users to type an operator on Date and Int types.
    This commit leaves `REGEX` as default for Strings, but uses `EQUALS` for
    Dates and Ints, so users can still find values if they only write the
    * Add support for long numbers
Commits on Apr 18, 2018
Commits on Apr 17, 2018
  1. Remove unused prop (#4731)

    edmundoa authored and bernd committed Apr 17, 2018
Commits on Apr 16, 2018