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Graylog Web Interface

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Development Setup

  • Install node.js and npm.
  • cd javascript/
  • npm install
  • npm start

  • open http://localhost:8080

The npm start command will run the webpack-dev-server, which allows in-browser hot reloading. In order to make switching between different branches faster, we use a script to store all node_modules folders into .node_cache and then symlink the folder for the current branch to node_modules.

When using IntelliJ or WebStorm, be sure to enable JSX harmony (available in IntelliJ 14 and WebStorm 9) as JavaScript language version to properly support react templates.

You might get an error message during npm install from gyp because the installed (default) Python version is too recent (sic!):

gyp ERR! stack Error: Python executable "python" is v3.4.2, which is not supported by gyp.                                                                                                                 

In this case just set the correct (installed!) Python binary before running npm install:

npm config set python python2.7

Update Javascript dependencies

a. Update a single dependency

  • Update package.json file with the new dependency
  • npm update <npm-package>
  • npm shrinkwrap --dev to save the whole dependency tree into the npm-shrinkwrap.json file

b. Update devDependencies

  • npm shinkwrap to keep the dependency tree (without devDependencies) into npm-shrinkwrap.json
  • Update package.json file with the new devDependencies
  • npm install
  • Do more work with the new devDependencies
  • npm shrinkwrap --dev to export the whole dependency tree with the new devDependencies into npm-shrinkwrap.json


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