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1 parent bd29315 commit 57b067b6a9809abf739763c4ac4f4519d12364b2 @lennartkoopmann lennartkoopmann committed Oct 12, 2012
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12 config/general.yml.example
@@ -15,15 +15,3 @@ subscriptions:
subject: "[graylog2] Stream alarm!"
- enabled: false
- ssl: false
- api_key: 123
-# You must run the realtime websocket server if you want to use realtime features. Read more
-# about it in the wiki:
- enabled: false
- websocket_url: "ws://localhost:9001/" # The host and port of your websocket server. (Standard port is 9001)
- token: # Use a long alphanumeric string here. Should have at least 32 chars. Be careful, used for authentication against websocket server. The websocket server also reads the token from here. Don't share! Note that this variable will be visible in the HTML source code of realtime pages. It is a good idea to limit access to your websocket server to trusted networks.

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