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Commits on May 22, 2015
  1. @edmundoa
  2. @edmundoa
  3. @joschi
  4. @edmundoa

    Remove console log

    edmundoa authored
  5. @edmundoa

    Fix lint

    edmundoa authored
  6. @kroepke

    quick values and field stats didn't properly send the stream id in th…

    kroepke authored
    …e url
     - on the server this correctly caused a permission denied error and the web interface couldn't get the data even though the user was authorized
    fixes #1169
  7. @edmundoa

    Change how we handle modals using the submit event

    edmundoa authored
    - Instead of always stopping the submit event, only do so when we are
      going to use AJAX to store the data.
    - BootstrapModal now will stop the event propagation when no `onConfirm`
      function is passed as a prop to the component, otherwise will let the
      submit event take place.
    - Changed BulkLoadPatternModal accordingly, fixing #1325
  8. @edmundoa

    Use z-index 0 on modal-backdrops

    edmundoa authored
    This fixes the backdrops on IE9 and seems to still work on all other
    browsers. Fixes #1319
  9. @kroepke

    allow turning off websocket support in the metrics api controller

    kroepke authored
    in case your reverse proxy does not support websockets and sockjs is not able to detect that it isn't, there's the option to turn it off via a system property:
     issues #673
     fixes #1322
  10. @kroepke
  11. @edmundoa

    Changes in event preventDefault

    edmundoa authored
    - Add some preventDefaults in links
    - Remove unecessary window.event.preventDefault from bootstrap modal,
      it's also broken in some browsers
  12. @edmundoa
  13. @edmundoa
Commits on May 21, 2015
  1. @joschi
  2. @edmundoa


    edmundoa authored
  3. @edmundoa

    Improve sidebar height calculation

    edmundoa authored
    - When the sidebar is on top of the page, we use the scroll event to
      calculate its height
    - When the user scrolls down and the sidebar is fixed, we use the
      bootstrap affix and window events to recalculate the sidebar height
  4. @joschi
Commits on May 20, 2015
  1. @joschi

    Prepare next development iteration

    joschi authored
    [ci skip]
  2. @kroepke

    bump version to 1.1.0-beta.2

    kroepke authored
  3. @kroepke

    bump version to 1.1.0-beta.1

    kroepke authored
  4. @edmundoa

    Removing todo in dropdown

    edmundoa authored
  5. @edmundoa
  6. @joschi
  7. @kroepke

    fix bad line break lint error

    kroepke authored
  8. @kroepke
  9. @edmundoa

    Fix timerange selection on sources tab

    edmundoa authored
    We use SearchStore now instead of handling things with jquery.
  10. @edmundoa

    Focus first input on stream rule form modal

    edmundoa authored
    On this case we need to wait for typeahead to load, and then focus the
    first input in the modal.
    Fixes #1307
  11. @kroepke

    Merge pull request #1272 from Graylog2/feature-generic-notification

    kroepke authored
    Feature: Generic notification
  12. @kroepke
  13. @edmundoa
  14. @edmundoa
  15. @edmundoa

    Fixing lint

    edmundoa authored
  16. @kroepke

    add the sort icons back to the table head

    kroepke authored
     - we no longer show the icons on hovering over the table columns, as that gets tricky with the mulit-row detail view
    fixes #1279
Commits on May 19, 2015
  1. @joschi
  2. @edmundoa
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