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Raspberry Pi Zero Extended HAT for Raspjamming and other Events


  • 7-Segment Display - 4-Digits TM1637 (Proprietary 2-Wire Bus)
    CLK ... GPIO23
    DIO ... GPIO24
  • Sensors
    • DHT11/DHT22/AM2302 (Proprietary 1-Wire Bus) - Humidity & Temperature (GPIO22, External Pull-up)
    • AMD2320/AMD2322 (I2C Bus) - Humidity & Temperature
    • DS18B20 (1-Wire Bus) - Temperature (GPIO04, External Pull-up)
    • HC-SR04 (Proprietary Interface) - Distance
      TRIGGER ... GPIO17
      ECHO ... GPIO27 (External 5V to 3V divider for input)
  • Traffic Light
    • LED red (GPIO16, Active High, Default off)
    • LED yellow/orange (GPIO20, Active High, Default off)
    • LED green (GPIO21, Active High, Default off)
  • Switches
    • S1 (GPIO13, Active High, Default Low)
    • S2 (GPIO19, Active High, Default Low)
    • S3 (GPIO26, Active High, Default Low)
  • Buzzer (GPIO18, Active High, Default off)
  • ATmega 328P Sockel Programming/Testing
    RESET ... GPIO25 (Active Low, Default Low with no Power, Default High with Power)
    MOSI ... GPIO10
    MISO ... GPIO09
    SCK ... GPIO11
  • ESP-01 Sockel (ESP8266) Programming/Testing
    RST ... GPIO06 (Active Low, Default High)
    GPIO0 ... GPIO12 (High ... Programming, Low ... Flash-Boot, Default Low)
    TXD ... GPIO14
    RXD ... GPIO15
  • Power Switch for ATmega and ESP-01 (GPIO05, Active Low, Default off)
  • HAT EEPROM (I2C Bus)
    I2C0, A0-A2 Low


Circuit diagram



GC2-xHAT PCB with assambling hints

Order recommendation:

  • Start with SMD components (FET, EEPROM, resistors)
  • ...
  • Switches
  • 40-pin Header
  • 8-pin Header (need soldering before Buzzer!)
  • Buzzer
  • 14-pin socket 100nF capacitor backside
  • 14-pin Socket
  • Place electrical tape on backside of 7-seg display
  • 7-seg display


  • Swiches: Only solder two opposite contacts
  • Standing resistors: Solder short wire first
  • Solder R8, R9, R10 lying on backside (to not disturb switches) or
  • Advanced people can solder SMD1206 resistors instead of classic standing ones
  • Buzzer can be very loud, solder 47 KOhm resistor for silent operation
  • Solder DS18B20 with maximum wire length to keep it away from board heat sources

Components list

10 x Resistor 470 o. 1K (LED*: R3, R4, R13, R14 ; Protect: R8, R9, R10, R15, R16, R17)
4 x Resistor 4K7 (5V->3V: R1 ; Pull-up: R6, R7 ; Transistor base: R11)
1 x Resistor 6K8 (5V->3V: R2)
1 x Resistor 47K (Green LED: R5*)
3 x Tactile switch 6x6mm (S1, S2, S3)
1 x LED red 3mm (LR)
1 x LED yellow/orange 3mm (LY)
1 x LED green 3mm (YG)
1 x LED blue 3mm (LB)
1 x LED pink 3mm (LP)
1 x Transistor BC547B (T1)
1 x Female pin header socket 2x4 (SV2)
1 x Female pin header socket 1x4 (U$3)
1 x Female pin header socket 2x20 (SV1)
1 x 28-Pin DIP-Socket o. 28-Pin ZIF-Socket (0.3''/7.62mm Narrow)
1 x DHT11 o. DHT22 o. AM2302 (U$2)
1 x AM2322 o. AM2320 (U$4 / U$1)
1 x DS18B20 (IC1)
1 x TM1637 4 Digi LED display modul (GND, VCC, DIO, CLK)
1 x Buzzer (O 12mm, 7.2mm holes) (SG3)
1 x FET IRLML6401 (Q1)
1 x EEPROM STM M24C64-WMN6 (24C64) **
2 x SMD 1206 resistor 3K9 (R18, R19)
1 x Capacity 100nF (C1)
2 x Spacer 1 cm, M2.5
2 x Bolt M2.5

* Please choose LED resistor corresponding to LED type and 3.3 V, usually 1 KOhm is ok, but our green LED is a low current type, so even 47K makes a satisfying light
** Different sizes and manufacturers are possible if EEPROM comply with the Raspberry Pi HAT EEPROM specification (8 bit data, 16 bit address, I2C @ 100 kHz, 3.3 V)

China-Bezugsquellen Spezialkomponenten:

DHT11, DHT22, AM2320, AM2322, TM1637, Buzzer

DE-Bezugsquellen Spezialkomponenten:








Recommanded 3d-printer case for Raspberry Pi B+, 2B, 3B, 3B+

Raspberry Pi case (model B+ / 2 / 3) by Adrien12 is licensed under the Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license. BY-NC-SA PCB Top


Raspberry Pi Extended HAT for Raspberry Pi jams




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