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Swedish, Norwegian BankID and Danish NemID in Node.js with OIDC

Finished sample, as described in

This sample illustrates how to set up a Node.js application that authenticates users using OpenID Connect with one of the Scandinavian national or bank idenntities services. This is done with Grean's easyID as the middelman.

Out of the box this sample asks for authentication using Norwegian BankID. Use the test user with Fødselsnummer, Engangskode, and Personlig passord set to 15076400000, otp, qwer1234

Run the sample

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Inside the cloned repo, run npm install
  3. To run simply execute it pointing to the easyID test tenant: CLIENT_ID=urn:easyid:login-demo CLIENT_SECRET=LHla2/sf5OqbtCZ/0In9pm5HP1qWmuffUwxnhfSPReU= CALLBACK_URL=http://localhost:3000/callback npm start

Try other authentication services

In order to try out some of the oher identity services, you must modify the setup of the OpenID strategy in app.js. See the blog post referenced at the top for possible values.

Grean easyID

If you need to know the real identity of your users, spend a few minutes to hook into the various national and bank identity services through Grean easyID. Sign up here: