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QBlocks is a collection of software libraries, applications, and command-line tools designed to give you quick access to the data provided by an Ethereum node.


Source Code

Our source code is laid out in the following folders:

  • The libs folder: This folder holds the C++ library code that helps us build out various applications and command-line tools. All of this code is open source.

  • The apps folder: This folder contains source code for the primary applications that comprise the system. Some of this source code is open source and some is not.

  • The tools folder: This folder contains open source code for a collection of simple command line tools. These tools, while useful, serve primarily as sample code for the libraries to help you understand how to use QBlocks.

  • The samples folder: This folder contains other open source sample source code for the system. You can get a lot of ideas here, but many of these samples are partial or incomplete. Please add to the list and/or feel free to expand any of these samples.

  • The other folder: This folder contains various other documents such as installation instructions, FAQs, and other tools you may find useful.

  • The monitors folder: This folder holds proprietary code for monitoring, recording, replaying, debugging and accounting for smart contracts and builds per-account lists of transactions.