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Solar Scintillation Monitor firmware
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Solar Scintillation Monitor firmware

Copyright (C) 2017 Filip Szczerek

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license (see the LICENSE file for details).

Based on:

E. J. Seykora An Inexpensive Solar Scintillation Seeing Monitor Circuit with Arduino Interface


Solar Scintillation Monitor (Solar Scintillation Seeing Monitor) measures the seeing value in arc seconds by monitoring the variability of Sun’s light intensity. Detailed derivation can be found in Dr. Seykora’s article Solar Scintillation and the Monitoring of Solar Seeing.

In the following code, rather than always taking 10 000 samples of the averaged and varying input, the TimerThree library is used to perform sampling over a specified duration (CALCULATION_PERIOD).

Building tested with PlatformIO framework (

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