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A flashcard doohickey.
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I wrote this doohickey to help me memorize certain datasets. Maybe you'll use it, too!


To view usage instructions:

> python --help

To run a quiz on Oscar Best Picture winners:

> python best-picture

To run a quiz on Oscar Best Picture winners of the 1950s and 1960s:

> python best-picture 1950s 1960s

To run a challenge for world capitals in South America: that is, see each question exactly once:

> python world-capitals south-america --challenge

To display a list of categories for the best-picture quiz:

> python best-picture --show-categories

Adding data sets

Each data set should be a CSV with the following properties:

  • File should live in the data/ dir, and have the .csv extension.
    • If you want the file to be .gitignore'd, it should instead live in data/private/.
      • If a CSV in data/private shares its name with a CSV in data/, the game will load the private version.
      • NOTE: These files may not be included in an installed bundle.
  • The first row should be a header containing the following (comma-separated) fieldnames:
    • prompt
    • answer
    • categories
    • other_answers
  • prompt and answer are mandatory for every row.
  • If categories and/or other_answers are provided for a row, they should each be a semicolon-delimited string.


  • Polish off the GUI
    • Add the ability to load a data-set after the program has already begun
    • Add the ability to set category filters, probably via a popup
    • Add the ability to set --forced-order or --ask-each-question-once
    • Add a way to display images, which would allow us to do a flags quiz
    • Make it prettier
      • Fonts!
      • Icon!
  • Add a few more datasets
    • National Parks and their states
    • Big Four sports teams by city
    • Big Four stadium names
  • Add a --reverse mode: given the name of a Best Picture winner, you provide the year
    • How would this interface with, say, Olympic host cities, where Athens has hosted in 1896 and 2004? Ditto World Capitals, where both Israel and Palestine claim Jerusalem?
  • Log stats about user's performance (and .gitignore them)
    • Ask more frequently about the questions the user isn't very good at (like on Duolingo!)
  • Consolidate other_answers into the answers column

Other misc notes

  • World capitals/countries are a hairy area, and I am not in the business of politics. For now, my definition of a "country" is "anything listed on the Wikipedia article 'List of sovereign states and dependent territories in $CONTINENT', under either the 'Near universally recognised' or 'Substantial, but limited, recognition' list". My definition of a "capital" is "Any city listed for each country (as previously defined) on the Wikipedia article 'List of national capitals', except for Abidjan, which just seems to be there for historical reasons".
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