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A specification that describes how to calculate a carbon intensity for software applications.


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Software Carbon Intensity (SCI) Specification

A specification that describes how to calculate a carbon intensity score for software applications.

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Project Scope

This document, the Software Carbon Intensity technical specification, describes how to calculate the carbon intensity of a software application. It describes the methodology of calculating the total carbon emissions and the selection criteria to turn the total into a rate that can be used to achieve real-world, physical emissions reductions, also known as abatement.

Electricity has a carbon intensity depending on where and when it is consumed. An intensity is a rate. It has a numerator and a denominator. A rate provides you with helpful information when considering how to design, develop, and deploy software applications. This specification describes the carbon intensity of a software application or service.

Getting Started

  • The development version of the specification is here.
  • The latest published version of the specification is here.
  • The dev branch contains the current version that is being worked on and the main branch contains the latest published version.
  • Check the issues tab for active and closed conversations regarding the spec.

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The recommended approach for getting involved with the specification is to:

  • Read the development version of the specification.
  • Raise an issue, question, or recommendation in the issues tab above and start a discussion with other members.
  • Once agreement has been reached, then raise a pull request to update the specification with your recommended changes.
  • Let others know about your pull request by either commenting on the relevant issue or posting in the Standards Working Group slack channel.
  • Pull requests are reviewed and merged during Standards Working Group meetings.
  • Only chairs of the Standards Working Group can merge pull requests.



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