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Heroku Docs App

Ultrasimple CMS and content for documentation of the Heroku platform. The production site is at:

If you'd like to propose an edit to the Heroku docs, fork this repo, then send us a pull request.

You can also use this as a basis for your own docs CMS. Please don't use our colorscheme or images (which are not part of this repo). A fresh checkout will run with a generic black-on-white scheme, which should serve as a good base for you to customize the look and feel. The notes.png included in this repo is one exception, it was taken from the excellent AsciiDoc [] project.


Required gems:

  • Sinatra

  • RDiscount

The app loads content from the docs subdirectory. Pages are served with a 1 hour cache setting.


Written by Ryan Tomayko and Adam Wiggins

Code is released under the MIT License:

All rights reserved on the content (text files in the docs subdirectory), although you're welcome to modify these for the purpose of suggesting edits.

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