Upload Error, Access Denied" when trying to upload file #2

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I get that error in the live heroku demo app, as well as with my cloned local copy. I put the amazon parameters in amazon_s3.yml, ran rake db:migrate and generated the bucket, added the crossdomain.xml and set it to public read.


GreenAsJade commented Sep 7, 2009

This is wierd.

I went to http://demo-s3-swf-upload.heroku.com, clicked the browse button, selected a file, and clicked upload.

It uploaded successfully!

Ok my mistake. The demo app works perfect. Sorry!

However cloning the demo app (http://github.com/GreenAsJade/demo-s3-swf-upload/tree/master) and running it locally does not work. I setup my S3 bucket as described in the README. Could you check if the README is still up to date. Maybe you're doing an extra step which is not mentioned. I assume that the rails demo app works, but something with my S3 setup is not right, but I am kinda clueless.


GreenAsJade commented Sep 7, 2009

So - the README appears fine as far as it goes, but after I read it I do wonder what you put in your amazon_s3.yml, because it doesn't actually tell you very clearly.

The names of the parameters that need to be set are:


(this is determined in vendor/plugins/s3-swf-upload-plugin/lib/s3_swf_upload/s3_config.rb)

Since these aren't an obvious map from the ENV VAR names maybe this is where things have come unstuck?

Well I better not tell you what I did wrong.
However it turned out that my uploaded "crossdomain.xml" was corrupt.
When I checked http://s3.amazonaws.com/[bucketname]/crossdomain.xml my browser told my that its invalid xml.

I fixed that and its working now.
Thanks for your patience and help!
If you ever get to Berlin let me know and you'll get a beer fro free :)


GreenAsJade commented Sep 7, 2009

Glad it worked out :)


GreenAsJade commented Sep 7, 2009

Actually, I'll leave this open to remind me to update the README with those var names.

I've just tried it and it is not working. When I clicked upload, it says "Upload Commencing..." for about 20 seconds, then it changes to a button saying "Uploading..." , then the button goes wierd.

Does this with Chrome and Firefox on Linux.


GreenAsJade commented Jun 2, 2010

Are you saying that the demo app doesn't work for you:


It wasn't 8 hours ago, i tried it several times, but I've just tried it now and it's worked. Strange.

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