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Android × Health
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Android × Health

from Androooid Team.

0. Introduction

There are lots of fitness apps... but do you always have motivation to use them? Our app will connect all your devices: Android wear, Android TV, and your smartphone/tablet, to encourage you to exercise!

It would be the best health app out there! We hope you are happy with it.

1. Why this app?

wait a bit ...

2. How it work?

You go out of home location, the app starts tracking your steps throughout the day, and when you come back home, it will match your steps with your goald and encourage you to reach that, or congratulate you otherwise. It will play training video on your smartphone/tablet as well as on Android TV if you want, to help you.

3. The INNOVATION inside

If you have ever heard about the term "Internet of things", where everything around you is connected, then our application was based on that Idea.

4. Conclusion, and the future of fitness Application

wait a bit more

5. APIs

We use Google APIs and NTTDocomo AITalk Api for this awesome Application.

Who we are

Androooid Team of JPHacks 2014. We are Takahiko (git), Cherry (git) and Nam Nguyen Hoai (git), students from 3 different countries who first meet in Tokyo, share the obssesion in Android Application and join JPHacks 2014 together. We don't create World-class App. We create app that make YOU happy.


// still empty. license information related to the libraries and APIs we used will be here soon

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