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Release V2.1 - 04/2019


GVSOC Virtual Platform - V1:

GVSOC is a lightweight, highly flexible instruction set simulator based on PULP project, which supports GreenWaves' GAP8 IoT application processor. GVSOC allows execution of programs on a virtual platform without any hardware limits. Thanks to DPI device models full application with a subset of peripherals can be simulated. Currently, we provide simulations of devices such as cameras, microphones, LCDs, etc. We are continually adding more peripheral models and you are, of course, welcome to add your own!

VCD Trace

The virtual platform provides VCD traces which show the state of several components over time, like the core’s PC (program counter), DMA transfers, etc. This gives a better overview than system traces. Using GTKwave, you can get a view of the most interesting signal in GAP8, helping you to understand GAP8’s state and debug your code.


In this version of the SDK, we have added tests and documentation to allow you to benchmark the performance, compute power and power consumption of GAP8 running CNNs. This test set includes:
2x2 stride 2 Max Pooling Layer
2x2 stride 2 Average Pooling Layer
5x5 stride 1 Convolutional Layer
5x5 stride 1 XNOR Convolutional Layer
Linear (Fully Connected) Layer

For further information, please read:

Updates, Bug fixes and Optimizations:


Sleep modes have been fixed:
Deep sleep mode
Retentive sleep mode
Update to new debug bridge
Added supports for GVSOC virtual platform.


Updated to version 5.11.0
Fixed UART RX pad mux number
Added PRINTF_UART flag
Update to new debug bridge
Added supports for gvsoc virtual platform.


Update to new debug bridge
Added supports for gvsoc virtual platform.
Drivers update


Better doc for workflow

Known Issues:

uart rx pad mux bug:

Once the pad[38] has been configured to alternate 1, 2 or 3, the UART RX cannot be used.

camera_vsync bug:

Once the pad[21] has been configured to alternate 1, 2, or 3, the camera_vsync cannot be used.


The speed of file IO is slow.

What’s Next

  • Porting Zephyr RTOS on GAP8
  • Other RTOS support
  • More models in GVSOC
  • Enriching the Benchmarking test suite.
  • New Autotiler
  • Full support of GVSOC in PlatformIO
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