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A web application for students to submit questions to be answered during a later lecture. Questions can optionally include code snippets or tags.
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Question Queue

A web application that was build for students to submit questions to be answered during a later lecture and TownHall meetings. Questions can optionally include code snippets or tags; this feature is geared towards technical questions. The application also features social interaction for other students to up-vote on a specific question. Authentication works with GitHub, but all users must be approved by an admin before having access to the app. This web application was Built using React, Node, and MongoDB

Login into the application using github auth

screen shot 5

Fillout the form to add your question

screen shot 3

You may also add code snippet if neccessary

screen shot2

After submitting the question you can go back to edit

screenshot 1

Table of Contents

  1. Team
  2. Usage
  3. Requirements
  4. Development
  5. Installing Dependencies
  6. Tasks
  7. Contributing


  • Product Owner: Leo Gomez
  • Scrum Master: Debasish Mozumder
  • Development Team Members: David Hamberlin, Paul Jaffre


The front-end must be bundled before running the application. Run npm build to run the bundler once, or npm run dev to have the bundler watch for changes.

To start the server, run npm start.


  • Node 6.10.0

For a complete list of dependencies, review package.json.


Installing Dependencies

From within the root directory:

npm install




See for contribution guidelines.

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