A challenging text strategy game about a taxi/delivery-service. Including features like highscores, car-upgrades and character development.
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The not so Busy Business

A challenging text strategy game about a taxi/delivery-service.

Including great features like:

  • High-scores
  • Car-upgrades
  • Character development.

Screenshot of core gameplay

Background Story

You have accepted to challenge a friend to see whom of you that can earn the most money in a month. The rules you set up are simple; To prove how much money you earn, you have to transfer your profits to a special bank-account.

But you still have to make a living during this month and therefore you can't move all of your cash to the bank.

You love cars and therefore you will now try to run your own taxi/delivery service for the next month. But you soon realise that the taxi- and delivery- business is riskier than you first thought. Some people or goods you drive come with a greater risk - and of course with bigger profits!

How much are you willing to risk for some money? Your car? Your future career? YOUR LIFE?

Should your business focus on risky but profitable missions or stick to the ones that pay less but will give you a stable income? It is time for you to get down to business!

Get Started

  1. Make sure you have Python 3 installed
  2. git clone this repository or Download the game as a .zip and extract the files
  3. Open CMD or Terminal in the project folder and run python3 cars_game.py